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32 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 6 BUSINESS & SALES The point is you're creating open dia- logue with the customer, you're build- ing a professional relationship and you're helping them be better informed. All of those things will often turn a browser into a buyer. General Info If we've moved beyond casual shop- ping and are needing to get the customer more concrete information, then we use the checklist to start gathering some gen- eral information. We note the vehicle's make, model, year, color and coverage that the customer is wanting. Again, it looks professional and reminds the sales person to get this info. Measure We use Art Station Vehicle Templates throughout our wrap process. Taking measurements of the vehicle can be time consuming, so this is a good step to get efficient in. Using either a general template for a common vehicle or taking a minute to pull up the template for the customer's particular vehicle, we print out a few copies. During the measuring step, it's important to take careful measurements and note them on the template clearly. For example, measuring the width of a door under the window may give you a completely different number than if you measure mid-door. So be sure to clearly note on the template, using lines and arrows, exactly which two points you're measuring between. We use these measurements to accu- rately scale photos that we take of the vehicle. This means we don't have to measure everything, just multiple key spots that will help us double-check our- selves as we scale the photos to actual size. Keep in mind areas on the vehicle that curve a lot will photograph flat. For example, you can't simply measure from the top of a curved van down underneath where it curves under the bottom and expect to use that measurement to scale the photo. We do take this measurement though so we have the actual size for scal- ing our print files, but we take enough reference measurements of flatter areas that will scale the photo correctly. The Quote We break down our pricing by the total square footage of the graphics, the complexity of the installation and an esti- mation of how long we think it will take to wrap the vehicle and then the design time involved. Quoting the wrap can be a more time consuming part of the process, but it's also one of the most important steps. I don't have the room in this article to fully review each of the parts of the quote process but if you would like more information on how we break down each of the three areas then check out my arti- cle "Wraps Estimating" in the March, 2015 edition of Sign & Digital Graphics magazine. Art Station Vehicle Templates Wrap Dimensions Guide is a handy resource with common vehicle templates that have the square footage pre-figured.

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