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2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 33 Another handy tool during the quote step is Art Station Vehicle Templates' Wrap Dimensions Guide. The guide contains a large number of commonly wrapped vehicles with the square foot- age prefigured. Windows are also figured separately. This is also a great tool when you're trying to help a customer figure out their budget vs. coverage options. Photos Up to this point the information you've gathered is to get the customer a quote. You won't move from this step forward unless you either need the pho- tos to work on a more complex quote or unless the customer has agreed to your quote and wants to move forward. We proof most of our vehicle wraps on photos of the actual vehicle. There may be exceptions if the vehicle isn't available for photos or if it's a partial wrap without tight registration on graph- ics placement. The photos of the vehicle need to be taken straight on, at the center point of each side of the vehicle. Do not shoot down on a small vehicle, rather crouch down so that you're photographing at both the center point left to right, but also aim at the center top to bottom. If it's a really large vehicle or trailer then stand back to reduce distortion and again aim for the center of the vehicle when taking the picture. Using our reference measurements we'll scale the photos of each side of the vehicle when we get to the design por- tion of the process. The graphics will then be laid out on the scaled photos. Gather Info I find this step in the process to be the fun part. This is where you get to do a little brainstorming with the customers and help them flush out their ideas. Using another template, I like to sketch out a few quick ideas as we're talking to see if I'm understanding the customer's vision and to also help them start to visualize placement. These sketches also come in handy when you start designing in the computer. At this point we also make sure to get all the important information that needs to be on the vehicle. We also go over the availability of art files and how the customer needs to send them to us. If the customer already has color ideas we pick out Pantone colors or vinyl colors, so we know what direction to move in at the beginning of the design process. Review Process Once we've written up the invoice and collected a deposit, we use the rest of the Quoting the wrap can be a more time consuming part of the process, but it's also one of the most important steps.

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