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38 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 6 FEATURED INSTALLER: Justin Pate EDUCATION TOPICS COVERED: • The Wrap Institute Demo Depot 2: Come by The Wrap Institute booth to get hands on training and see industry experts provide detailed presentations on a wide variety of topics and types of installations: Design, Printing, Laminat- ing, Di-Noc, Floors, Walls, Deep Recesses, Tint, Paint Protection Film, Full Print Wraps, Color Change Wraps, Pricing and much more. Before, during and after the eight scheduled daily presentations, try out any material from over 10 brands. The more you know, the better you wrap, the more money you make. ABOUT: The Wrap Institute offers the world's largest, most comprehensive library of high-quality streaming instructional videos on how to install film to a wide range of objects like cars and much more. The Wrap Institute is brand neutral, which means all the techniques and tips are solely based on how to get the job done with professional-level quality. Never stop learning. FEATURED INSTALLERS: Adam Sumner, Nate Place, Todd Straud EDUCATIONAL TOPICS COVERED: • Identifying and avoiding common installation errors • Wall wrapping imperatives – wall/paint testing, prepping, and the solution to low VOC paints. • Knifeless Tape – Wrap faster and create intricate designs; all with no paint cuts. ABOUT: 3M Commercial Solutions supports your desire to deliver your customer the very best. We manufacture products used to produce large-format graphics and provide solutions for almost every application: walls, windows, floors, doors, indoor/outdoor signage, fleet and vehicle wraps.

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