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2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 43 BUSINESS & SALES I t seems like nearly every week sign and graphics manufacturers are unveil- ing a new technology or product that somehow changes the landscape of our industry. With an ever-evolving array of tools that increase creative potential and challenge our skills, it is vital for today's graphics installers to stay on top of the newest techniques and best applications practices in order to keep our edge as talented artists. I've found the best and most useful ways to acquire these skills are through the various training and certification pro- grams offered by leading graphics manu- facturing companies. With the growing number of installers pursuing additional training and certifications, it is important to understand the benefits, goals and rea- sons behind pursuing continuing educa- tion and skills training. Mike Zick is the owner of Mike Zick Installations based in Arlington, Texas, and is a 3M Graphics Authorized Trainer. An added benefit to certification is the abil- ity to use the certifier's logo to help market your shop and instill confidence in your wrap clients. (Image courtesy of 3M) & NO LONGER A LUXURY Certification for Business Success In my experience as a graphics installer, trainer and student, receiving graphics installation training and becom- ing professionally certified can have a profound effect on one's success in this business. Once considered an added lux- ury, investing in training and receiving certification from graphics manufactur- ing companies is becoming a necessity in the industry. Depending on the location of your business, earning certification can help you stand out from the competition— or help you break into a market that is already saturated with installers. The benefits from training go far beyond the inherent techniques and trade secrets you acquire. The programs offer networking opportunities with some of the major players in the indus- try, and certification titles alone can help separate your business from the rest of the pack. Acknowledgement from heavy- weights in the graphics industry garner attraction and awareness from potential customers, and certifications from lead- ing manufacturers give a unilateral stan- In this quickly changing industry, additional education is key to success dard for installation while providing con- fidence to employers and clients that an individual has the ability to execute a job. Additional Benefits Earning a certification or passing training courses from reputable compa- nies can also provide you and your busi- ness with additional marketing tools. Upon completion of the program, an individual or company typically gains a listing on the graphics manufacturer's website as a certified company or pre- B Y M I K E Z I C K

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