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44 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 6 BUSINESS & SALES ferred installer. This can be an enor- mous asset for your business to receive new contacts and inquiries, as many pro- spective clients turn to the Internet to find recommendations from the biggest names in the industry. Most programs also let installers and companies use the certification title and branded logo in their marketing upon completion of a program. I recommend installers and shops take full advantage of the logo and title, and use it as an advertisement and reputation building tool for your company. When prospec- tive customers are on your website or in your shop and see an established com- pany's logo and support, it provides yet another reason for them to give you their business. There are many benefits in receiving training and certification from graphics manufacturers, but it is also important to consider your goals and motivations before signing up for a class. Don't take a class simply for the title and recogni- tion that comes with the certification. Continuing to learn and improve your craft as a graphics installer will greatly expand your creativity and potential far more than the amount of company logos listed next to your name can. Questions and Recommendations Consider the following set of ques- tions and recommendations before signing up for a training or certification program: Are you trying to improve your instal- lation skills or learn about a new seg- ment of the industry? Intallers shouldn't take certification courses simply for the prestige that often comes with completion. Training pro- grams offer many valuable techniques, tips, tricks and insights that aren't always common knowledge. New products can require different methods of applica- tion, and training can also introduce you to a whole segment of the indus- try that will expand your abilities, cre- ativity and knowledge of the industry. It is imperative for graphics installers, especially those in a competitive market, to stay on the forefront of new installa- tion methods, trends, products and train- ing programs that can help them stay an extra step ahead. Are you seeking certification simply to earn more business? Netting additional business is often the main reason installers take a training course, but shouldn't be the only one. If this is your goal, make sure to use all of the benefits a certification program provides. Use social media and marketing to spread the word about your certifica- tions. Network with fellow installers and trainers while at the program, and be sure to prove your commitment and passion for the industry. You never know when a great project will come along as a result of the connections and friendships you make while in a training program. Earning recognition from prominent graphics manufacturers will help raise your profile, but only if you put in the work to take full advantage of it. Is this a requirement for new employ- ment opportunities? Many installers aren't aware that sev- eral sign and wrap shops require that their employees have certifications or training A graphics Installation student receives vehicle wrap instruction from a 3M Graphics Authorized Trainer. 3M Graphics Authorized Trainer Marcio Oliveira showcases proper technique for the installation of a wall wrap. The most useful way to acquire applica- tion skills is through the various train- ing and certification programs offered by leading graphics manufacturing companies.

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