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2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 45 from certain companies. Be sure to do your research, and stay on top of certifica- tions or training programs that may help you stand out in a job application process. When applying for a wrap installer job or undergoing an interview, make it known that you have been professionally trained or certified, as it provides prospective employers with evidence that you are invested and skilled at your job. What subject is the training or certi- fication covering, how is it done, and who is teaching the course? Not all certification and training pro- grams are equal. Make sure the program you're interested in covers a product or technique that will be an investment for your business. Consider the reputation of the company and who is teaching the class. Are the trainers recognized experts in the field? Will you be able to increase your skill by learning from them? As a trainer, I know first-hand how these factors can dramatically impact the quality of your education, and the future of your business. It is also important to find a program that offers testing in both hands-on and written forms, as this method exam- ines physical skill as well as the theory behind the installation process. 3 M Advanced Installation Training and the 3M Preferred Graphics Installer and 3M Certified Graphics Installation Company accreditations are great examples of pro- grams that cover all these bases. Installer Training Now Standard Receiving installer training and cer- tification from leading professionals in the sign and graphics industry has slowly become the accepted standard, rather than simply a perk. Many large-scale projects now require installers to have certain certifications before they can begin working, especially those from companies like 3M—and in many flooded markets, earning certification is a neces- sity in order for a business to survive. As the market continues to grow, products and technology continue to expand, and competition steadily increases, receiving quality and versatile training and certification from premier graphics manufacturers should be top- of-mind for all industry professionals. Be sure to do your research, stay on top of industry trends, and make as many connections in the industry as possible. Training and certification from promi- nent graphic manufacturers can have a dramatic impact on your marketability and success in the industry, as long as you continue to improve your skills and knowledge of the craft. Installer training and certification from leading professionals in the sign and graphics industry has become the accepted standard.

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