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2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 57 key strokes to transform the accurate 3D model of the fire engine into the fun version. It is no more work than warping text in Illustrator or an image in Photoshop. And the results in 3 D are just amazing. When I got to this step, it made sense to name the fun lil' fire truck after Brandon's grandfather Arvel. Placing "Arvel the Fire Truck" next to the typography completed the logo perfectly. And since the model is accurate on all sides, it was easy to place a rendering of the passenger side of Arvel on one side of the wrap and a driver's side rendering on the other. Challenging Conventions Challenging common conventions is another thing we do with most of our wrap designs. We have all heard that wraps have only three to five seconds to get their message across to the viewer, so it's always best to keep the designs simple. Part of this thinking is correct. Wraps do need to communicate the most important information instantly. That's easy, but many wraps are boring after those five seconds. We like to add something extra to a design that gives viewers a reason to take a second look. Simple designs that are understood quickly are also forgotten quickly. We often add a level of detail that does not confuse the viewer or make the design busy from a distance. Then on second glance viewers are rewarded with details that really make an impression. Many people call this eye candy. The wow factor that all us appreciate is in these details. From a distance this wrap communicates and from close up it starts a conversation. Viewers are engaged and the owner has a great opportunity to talk about the story of his grandfather Arvel, spending time as a child at the fire house. And if you ask, he may even talk with you about insurance. After the 3D model of the fire engine was completed, it occurred to me that a warped Hot Wheels-like version of the fire truck could express the fun personality that he brings to his business. We like to add something extra to a design that gives viewers a reason to take a second look.

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