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2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 59 Partial vs. Full Coverage: Shuttle Bus/Box Trucks/Semi-Trailers When dealing with flat-sided vehicles such as a shuttle bus, box truck or semi trailer, there are several considerations to consider when deciding to go with partial vs. full coverage. Partial — (flat sides/back): • Hardware removals: none to minimal • Installer level: intermediate • Material: cast or calendar • Install time: one installer 3-6 hours • Install difficulty: low • Durability: high Full Coverage — (Cab and back Section): • Hardware removals: minimal to medium (mirrors/win- dow molding/emblems/lights/antennas) • Installer level: intermediate to advanced • Material: cast plus 25-50% more than the partial option • Install time: two installers 5-20 hours (x2) • Install difficulty: medium to high • Durability: medium to low In this pic of a shuttle bus, only the white section was wrapped. This is a very straightforward install with no hardware removals and a premium cast film doesn't have to be used, which lowers material costs. This makes for a quick turn around, low cost option that an intermediate installer can finish with minimal durability issues. In order to wrap the front cab and lower half with full print film, two intermediate to advanced installers would be needed with a total of 10-20 installation hours. The material costs would go up as it would need to be premium cast film plus more material and production time. Most importantly, the front portion of the shuttle bus has severe angles and compound curves that require the film to be stretched to its limits as well as include many inlays/overlaps. This can open the door to durability issues. For this particular job, once the numbers are put together (material + time + difficulty + number of install- ers needed) two options with pricing should be presented to the client. In this case, the difference in price and install time was so great that the client opted for partial, yet—and very important to note—the profit point would have been roughly the same for the full coverage option.

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