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60 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 6 PRODUCTION & INSTALLATION Full Print Sedans/SUVs/Vans For full-print wraps, the key is to match something in the print to the actual color of the vehicle. This allows the installer or salesper- son to give the client a variety of options based on price and quality. "PARTIAL" URBAN CAMO WRAP — COMMERCIAL SEDAN/SMART CAR: • Hardware removals: minimal (door handles/license plates) • Installer level: intermediate to advanced • Material: cast or calendar • Install time: one installer 6-12 hours • Install difficulty: medium • Durability: medium to high Generally, the easiest parts to wrap on a vehi- cle are: roof, hood, doors, fender and trunk. The hardest parts or, "hot spots" are mirrors, antennas, door handles, bumpers and door jambs. These areas can vary greatly in the time it takes to wrap them and can have failure issues (lifting/fingers) that can require them to be redone or result in low quality (whitening/ distortion) which can make the client unhappy with the overall wrap. (Note: Based on the amount of space for this article, I cannot cover every hot spot specifically but will focus on several in-depth which will offer a general story that can be applied to the other hot spots.) Time Break Down for Hot Spots (Time varies based on skill level/type of film/ hardware complexity. This is not an exact science) • Mirrors: 5 to 120 minutes each • Door handles: 5-30 minutes each • Antennas: 5 – 50 minutes • Bumpers: 20 – 200 minutes • Door jambs/fenders: 60 – 600 minutes Installer Input Each hot spot can vary greatly for install time based on the angles, curves, hardware removability, material being used and installer skill level. Often, when pricing a vehicle, it is a very good idea to let an installer estimate the time needed to wrap each hot spot so a solid install time can be calculated. When the installer is estimating the times, they need to consider: • Film used • Customer's quality expectations • Long-term durability (one piece or in sec- tions) Also, the estimating installer needs to be very realistic during this process. Often, the temptation is underestimate the time it will take to wrap the hot spots due to being overly optimistic or trying to give a low install time to make the boss or client happy. It's better to estimate high than low. Clients or bosses appreciate finishing under the estimated time more than going over it. Durability/Quality/ Profit Scenarios: Sedans/SUVs/Vans Partial Vs. Full Coverage: Sedans/SUVs/Vans For the urban camo wrap, the mirrors, door handles and roof were not wrapped. This is because the original color of the vehicle is black and black is used in the full print. By not wrapping these areas, the install time drops by roughly 2-6 hours and eliminates several hot spots when it comes to long-term durability issues.

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