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2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 63 During the 2015 SEMA car show, I was fortunate to co-host 11 full-coverage speedwraps with Frank Fellers in the Mutoh booth. The vehicle being wrapped was an Audi R8 with a variety of different full prints (carbon/camo/paint drops/ single color). For each demo, the difficulty of the install, environment and installers (Jim Miller, the Carneys, Charlie Trujillo and Armando Rodriguez) were exactly the same. The only differ- ence was the material used as four different manufacturers supplied their print and lam film for each speedwrap attempt. The final times were quite surprising. The lesson from this was the type of film/brand used really made a substantial difference in terms of overall install times/ profits (over twice the install time in one case). Even though all four brands are roughly priced the same in terms of mate- rial costs, a sign shop or installer should price significantly different based on install times. To charge one flat rate for install, regardless of brand, could mean huge losses in terms of profits and draining installers. The same can be said for color change films, regardless of brand. A slight increase in price should be made from gloss to textured to chrome as the install times will increase accordingly. Also, if a panel has to be redone, gloss will be much cheaper to replace than chrome. Pricing for Material and Color of the Vehicle Brand A: 25 minutes Brand B: 38 minutes Brand C: 48 minutes Brand D: 52 minutes

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