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64 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 6 PRODUCTION & INSTALLATION Color Change Mirrors ONE PIECE: • Hardware removals: up to the installer to wrap on or off the body • Installer level: advanced • Material: cast • Install time: one installer 20-60 minutes • Install difficulty: high • Durability: medium to low For a straight color change wrap, the installer has the option to wrap the mirror in one piece (left mirror) or in several sections (right mirror). CUSTOM MIRROR: • Hardware removals: up to the installer to wrap on or off the body • Installer level: intermediate to advanced • Material: cast or calendar • Install time: one installer 20-40 minutes • Install difficulty: medium to low • Durability: medium to high In the case of color-change mirrors, the client should be given a variety of choices—one piece, overlay strip on the edge (with Mold n' Hold or two-tone piece) or custom. One piece has the high- est price point and longest install time. The other options have a lower price point and install time. Also, only advanced installers should wrap a mirror in one piece as they have the best chances for long-term durability. Intermediate installers can wrap a mirror in one piece, but the chances for long- term durability are low, which can mean costly revisions and unhappy clients. Interestingly enough, a majority of cli- ents, when given the option, lean toward the custom mirror that has the lowest price point and is easiest to install. The one-piece mirror, which impresses install- ers, often does impress clients as it "looks just like paint" but it's not "custom." Who wants a regular Nike shoe when they can get a custom Nikeid shoe? Same concept. If you have photos that are too high of a resolution to attach, please send them separately to Be a Part of the Top Signage Publication in the Industry Showcase your work in Sign & Digital Graphics. Share with us your best vehicle, building, watercraft and specialty wraps and we'll get them published in the magazine as soon as we can. Don't let that masterful job go underappreciated. Simply go to our website wrap-submission and fill out the requested information and attach your photos where prompted and we'll take care of everything. We can't wait to see what you have to show us. Wraps Submissions:

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