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2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 67 I've been asked to wrap walls with a variety of textures; from unpainted, smooth concrete walls, which are often times the best surfaces for wall wraps, to highly three-dimensional stucco or brick walls with extremely deep and wide grout lines. The variables for any wall wrap are the wall texture and the client's expecta- tions. Some clients envision the texture of the wall to show through the graphic, simulating a painted mural. This paint- like finish can be achieved depending on the depth of the textured wall and if a conformable vinyl is being used for the project. Cast film such as Arlon's DPF 6700 is more conformable to concave or convex shapes than a calendered film would be. There are certain levels of tex- ture that vinyl will not be able to stay adhered to over time, so that will need to be communicated to the client from the start. The Importance of a Wall/Paint Compatibility Test This may be a surprise to some, but there isn't an all-encompassing vinyl that will stick to all different types of textured walls and paint systems. With that said, it is highly recommended to conduct a site survey for vinyl/surface compatibil- ity prior to deciding if the wall can be wrapped. From the survey there are vari- ous issues that may arise such as learn- ing that the textured wall is too brittle to continue with the wrap. Once it is determined that the integ- rity of the wall is solid, the next step is to identify the variables of the paint on the wall. Details to consider for this step are: Is the paint on the wall compatible with the vinyl that will be applied? How long has the paint been on the wall? How many layers of paint are there? During the application, will the vinyl peel off any paint if repositioning is needed? These are all important points to consider as most of the low or zero VOC paints or all-in-one paint and primers that are available at local home improvement stores are no longer compatible with most PSA films due to the additives that are added in the paint formulation. This is why it is important to conduct a wall/ Photo courtesy of SOTT. Wrapped by Candid Worldwide LLC, Las Vegas, Nevada.

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