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2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 69 Installation Tools Recommended installation tools for your next wall wrap include: a heat gun, extension cords, cutting blades, Rolle- Pros and an IR thermometer. Removal Tips For long-term permanent wall graph- ics, depending on how strong the paint is bonded to the wall, it is possible that during the removal of the graphic there will be paint that comes off. Warming up the graphic with a heat source such as a heat gun will soften the adhesive and make for an easier removal. Depending on the vinyl used, some adhesive may be left on the wall once the vinyl is removed. These scenarios should always be com- municated to the client prior to signing off on the project approval process. In summary, for vinyl to perform to its optimal level it requires maximum con- tact to the wall surface. The smoother the wall, the more surface the adhesive will have to bond to, which makes it an ideal surface for an interior or exterior wall wrap. The more textured and uneven the wall is, this can become a challenge for both the vinyl film and the install- ers to consistently put uniform pressure from the first panel to the last panel. No matter what the deadline is for a proj- ect, ensuring proper surface preparation, conducting a compatibility test for either an interior or exterior wall and outgas- sing the printed film prior to lamination are all best practice steps that should be taken for all wall projects. A successful project must have the proper media, wall type and ink system working synergisti- cally together. Wrapped by Off The Wall Signs and Graphics, Las Vegas, Nevada. Wrapped by Superior Signs and Graphics, Buena Park, California. Wrapped by Superior Signs and Graphics, Buena Park, California.

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