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High Demand The high demand resulted from a flood of indirect marketing from social media buzz. Until a few years ago there wasn't much general knowledge of chrome wraps; few companies were making chrome films, and there weren't many installers certified to wrap chrome. Today, the industry has grown from maybe just one company to upward of six that can now provide these unique wrap films. What's Your Favorite Color? Here at PHENOMenal Vinyl, what is our favorite chrome color? With manu- facturers' ability to produce hundreds of colors and finishes, we really are unable to answer this question. As strenuous as it is for each client to choose the next color for their car, it is for us as well because the color options are endless. IR Light Helps Each film on the market has different characteristics; there are shiny chromes, matte chromes, and laminated chromes. Each one works a bit differently, but we generally use an IR (infrared) light, which throws out warm electromagnetic radiation to soften film and help with the install. Chrome films have come a long way in only a few short years. 2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 73

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