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74 • WRAPS • 2 0 1 6 The IR light aids in an even applica- tion resulting in a perfect uniform stretch. Another method of stretching that helps with chrome is a steamer. Steamers are a huge benefit because it too offers heat, and the water in the steam makes laying down scratch-free vinyl a breeze. Laminated Chrome We love laminated chrome. It tends to be easier to work with since the addi- tional layer of the laminate makes the material a bit stiffer, in turn control- ling the stretch. The laminate makes scratches less likely to happen during the application process as well. Prolong the Finish We've tested the waters to see what products can help prolong the mirror fin- ish on our chrome wraps. Our ceramic coat has helped keep that mirror fin- ish but has also kept the car safe from swirls and scratches. The coating lasts PRODUCTION & INSTALLATION Chrome films look fantastic when paired with other specialty films, such as the carbon fiber shown here. With some chrome films, such as this pink variety, you can achieve quite stunning results.

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