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2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 77 With the corner set, now squeegee the rest of the main surface area. Cut the base of the corner flush on either side. Cut to the corner while pulling the excess film away to create even ten- sion for a clean cut. Squeegee the edges by working away from the corner (this shifts any remaining tension away from the corner). An Instagram-worthy corner that will last for years. 7 8 9 10 11 APPLYING THE THE COLD PRE-STRETCH TECHNIQUE TO A CURVY MIRROR Curvy mirror. m the dot using the triangle tech- nique. 1 Even out the tension with wide fingers (thumb under and four on top). 5 The back side of the mirror has the steepest angle so this will be the starting point. 2 Anchor the film evenly on point so that there is equal film on either side of the face of the mirror. 3 Use the triangle tech- nique and pull firmly to stretch the film onto the main surface area. 4 Once evenly distributed on the mirror, keep the material about 1" from the edges (it has now been stretched about 2 to 4 percent). 6 Heat the film to trigger the memory effect so that it relaxes onto the edges. 7 If done properly, there will be very soft wrinkles on the edges instead of sharp ones. 8 When the excess film is cut away, the film stays put for years. 9

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