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2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 79 Anchor the film then pull firmly away from the corner using the triangle technique. 6 The film will literally snap onto the main door handle with almost per- fect glass, even on the edges. 7 Before squeegeeing, heat the film to trigger the memory effect as the film was stretched 2 to 4 percent (this brings it back to zero percent). 8 With the film applied to the handle, cut the excess film away. 9 With no tension while cutting, the edges stay put. 10 With the corner done, the handle can be wrapped on the body but it's easiest to remove it again for easy access to the back section. 11 Wrap the bottom first then the top so the overlap faces down. 12 Re-install the door handle and admire the paint like corner and material that didn't distort, whiten or get adhesive lines. 13

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