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2 0 1 6 • WRAPS • 81 The busy background graphics on this wrap (see Figure 2) helped hide any dis- tortion or seams on this bumper wrap. Since the customer wanted to include a lot of text on the back, it was cut and applied separately so we could control placement. Another design tip for graphics that wrap from the sides to the back is to extend those side panels and have them meet in the middle. For this fleet of wraps for Kurios Energy, the graphics wrap the side fenders which have a bit of a contour, and onto the trunk lid. This method would work great if the graphics extended further down onto the bumper as well. To give this a seamless look and ensure the lines in the design met up cor- rectly, without a weird distortion where the back and sides met, we simply printed the sides in one longer piece. These were wrapped around to the back where they meet in the middle and we have a small, neat overlapping seam under the license plate and along the handle. Wrapping from the sides to the back made it easier for us to align and wrap around the curved bumpers on this car (see Figure 3) with a single seam meet- ing at the center. Double Print When the background image needs to continue from the trunk to the bumper there are some tricks to setting up the graphics ahead of time. Be sure you take good measurements of the trunk space Figure 2 Figure 3 and the bumper. Give yourself plenty of overlap in all directions for both gripping the vinyl during installation, as well as to tuck and trim. The graphics for the trunk are printed separately from the graphics going on the bumper. Depending on the shape of the trunk you should have a sizable over- lap in the graphics. The extra material from the center of the bumper is used to both align the bumper graphic to the trunk, but also to give you the excess you need at the top of the bumper. By double printing the graphics over the trunk and over the bumper (see Figures 4 & 5) we're able to install these graphics separately with plenty of over- lap for aligning. Alignment We always tape up our graphics prior to installation to make sure everything is fitting correctly. We make sure that both panels are aligned to each other, are cen- tered on the vehicle and allow plenty of overlap for installation. Figure 4 Figure 5 As with all wraps, your bumper wrap will start with premium, conform- able wrap vinyl and a clean surface.

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