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March '16

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24 • A&E MARCH 2016 T he engraving industry used to be for highly skilled artists using hand tools meticulously chiseling for hours. Nowadays engraving is a fun process that can be as simple or as complicated as you like. Whether you are a new engraver, or simply expanding your business to new markets, there are a few things you should know before you get started. ROTARY VERSUS LASER An engraving shop can handle various specializations such as general signage (architectural, ADA, wayfinding, informational panels, large outdoor signage, etc.), industrial engraving (serial number or ID plates, identification, traceability, control panels, etc.), corporate awards, or personalization. So when you're making a decision as to what equipment to purchase, always ask yourself, what will I be engraving? This helps you make the first important decision of whether to go with a rotary engraver or a laser engraver. Each has its own benefits, including what substrates work best with the machine's capabilities. A few different features of each include: Rotary Engravers • ADA Braille sign fabrication • Routing, engraving and cutting of materials, including metal and PVC • Engraving on uneven surfaces • Elegant and ornate engraving of jewelry and awards with faceted tool marks • Efficient engraving process for large filled text • Deep engraving into metal for industrial rating plates and part marking • 2.5D and 3D routing options for sign elements, molds and dies • Printed media cut-out of substrates including metal and PVC • Wood routing, engraving and cutting • Applications where a beveled edge is desirable (name badges, small signs, ADA tactile) • Does not require exhaust or filtration • Complements the abilities of a laser engraver Laser Engravers • Ability to engrave and cut fine characters, details and profiles • Raster image processing By Terri Bristow The Beginner's Guide to Engraving ALL IMAGES COURTESY TERRI BRISTOW Rotary engravers are a great option for creating ADA signage. g g

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