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56 GOLFING MAGAZINE THE CLUBHOUSE LEADER MAJOR STAR STILL BURNS BRIGHT PÁDRAIG HARRINGTON Pádraig Harrington is one the game's great thinkers. He knows few golfers keep going as the threat of burnout looms, but if ever there was a player who can bounce back from adversity and win against all odds, then the three-time Major winner is surely that man. By Brian Keogh P ádraig Harrington used to put out the bins, watch matches from the stand and queue up for the pictures. Now he throws things in the trash and sits in the bleachers and when he goes to the multiplex somewhere Stateside, he'll get in line for the movies. "I'm totally Americanised," he jokes. "I'd never say car park. Very confusing. Queue is the other one that gets the weirdest looks in the States." He's still very Irish, mind you, as he shows when it comes to ordering a coffee. You won't see the three-time Major win- ner in Starbucks ordering a venti, half-whole milk, one quarter one per cent, one quarter non-fat, extra hot, split quad shots, no foam latte with whip, a touch of vanilla syrup and three short sprinkles of cinnamon. It'll be a latte, an espresso or a cappuc- cino please. "That's just the way the Irish are brought

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