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Fabbri Automatic Stretch Wrappers produce highly attractive packages that make your products look fresh and "just packed". Fabbri Stretch Wrappers use stretch film to package fresh produce in preformed trays to provide an in-store wrapped appearance. They employ four-way stretch technology to produce tight, over-the-flange, wrinkle-free packages with securely sealed bottoms and a superb case presentation. And here's something you might find even more attractive: Fabbri Stretch Wrappers can help increase your profitability. Fabbri packaging is produced using low-cost packaging materials. And when you factor in its Best in Class low cost of ownership, the Fabbri Stretch Wrapper is your most economical and affordable packaging solution. Compact and robust servo-driven Fabbri packaging machines are built for speed, versatility and the highest levels of productivity. Fabbri Stretch Wrappers can handle a wide range of tray sizes with no changeovers, producing up to 62 packs per minute. All models feature a user-friendly full-size control panel for easy operation and maintenance. Test the Fabbri at our Reiser Customer Center and see for yourself how it can improve your packaging. Contact Reiser today. Leading the food industry in processing and packaging solutions. Reiser 725 Dedham Street, Canton, MA 02021 • (781) 821-1290 Reiser Canada 1549 Yorkton Court # 4, Burlington, O N L7P 5B7 • (905) 631- 6611 w w w. 2014 N O T H I N G S A Y S F R E S H l i k e F A B B R I P A C K A G I N G

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