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for BFG and Toyo is similar in our testing. Where I see an advantage is the drivability of the tire. The drivability of the Toyo is amazing. I don't think we will see that at San Felipe much, however. It's not like the 500, or 1000 with all the fast fire roads and rally roads like the Mikes Loop or beach sections. So the drivability won't come into play as much. The SCORE Baja Sur 500, the SCORE Baja 500 and the SCORE Baja 1000 is where we will see the advantages. You can push harder and the tires are more precise; they have less push. I am able to tip toe around rocks a lot better. They will be a great addition to the team. SJ: What can SCORE do to improve racing? TV: Why is there a throw out race? In every other major racing series every race counts. In my opinion, a championship should be every mile of every race. Not four out of five, that's not a champion. Why do different races count differently? If I go race San Felipe and there are five trucks entered, it costs me just as much time, money and effort as if there were 50 trucks. Why are you penalizing me to race against five trucks; it should award the same points. It's the same with the SCORE Baja Sur 500 or the Imperial Valley 250. Why are they worth different points? Is the Monaco Grand Prix worth more or less points than Russia in Formula 1? They are all worth the same points, it's the same with WRC, but not SCORE. We are continuing on with a broken points system. It's probably been 20 years since it was looked at and changed. It's time to take a look at the points system and change to be more like a 040 SCORE JOURNAL

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