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in SCORE and why he wants to continue along that route for the 2016 season. "I'm going to run Class 10 again this season," said Reid. "We're working on a brand new car that should debut at the SCORE Baja SUR 500. It will have a new chassis and some upgraded shocks compared to our current two-seater. I'm excited because we're truly building the car for Mexico. It's a bigger car and we're moving into the Direct Injected EcoTech engine that will help put us in the same playing field as the rest of the competition." Should Reid take another SCORE Class 10 championship in 2016, his thoughts of moving into the Class 1 car isn't something he's necessarily concerned about. "It's fun to think in the future. I'd love to be in a Class 1 car," said Reid. "I don't want to step on my mom's toes, however. If I'm ready, I'd be happy to try and take the mantle, but it would be a big pair of shoes for me to fill. Currently, I really want to dominate Class 10. I've fallen in love with it. It's fast and is a real driver class. It really comes down to who is the best driver and better prep on the equipment. I'd really like to win every SCORE race in that class this next season." Helping the Reid family prep the vehicles are many volunteers and crew members that have donated their time and efforts to helping see Cody and Shelby win. "Daniel Folts is one of our crew that preps the Class 10 car and the transmissions on both the 10 and the Class 1 car," says Shelby Reid. Casey Jefferies is our company Heading Foreman, but he also preps the Class 1 car." "All of our crew are people who donate their time and help us," says Cody Reid. "They also have a passion for the sport as we do. We especially want to thank our pit crew member Mario Morales, he's battling cancer and at the same time, he still wants to help out. Him being a part of our championship 2015 season was a big morale boost for all of us." As the 2016 SCORE World Desert Championship is set to begin in February, the Reid family is hopeful and ready to take on the challenges that will come their way. Despite whatever fate the season and the Mexican terrain has in store for them, we're sure they're going to continue to forge a name for themselves within the SCORE family of competitors. SJ AT THE SCORE BAJA SUR 500, REID FINISHED SECOND, GIVING HER SOME CONFIDENCE TO CONTINUE HER GOAL TOWARDS FINISHING THE SEASON. 055 SCORE JOURNAL

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