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Y ou can't make horsepower without fuel, and not even the best fuel system pickups are a guarantee against a sudden loss in fuel pressure caused by extreme cornering, sudden acceleration, low fuel, or steep hills. Fuel starvation is one of the biggest fears of any racer, especially those running fuel injected Trophy Truck and Class 1 engines. According to several crew chiefs and engine builders, the culprit is the lack of constant fuel pressure getting into the injectors. When air gets introduced into the fuel system, bad things can happen, and there's little that can be done before it causes some internal damage. Fortunately, Holley's new HydraMat reduces fuel starvation issues no matter the terrain, by eliminating the chance of air getting into the fuel system. Add that the HydraMat is also a 15-micron pre- filter, made from various grades of nylon, and it offers another layer of protection, something that is especially important to racers that THE HOLLEY HYDRAMAT UTILIZES NEW TECHNOLOGY TO ENSURE THAT FUEL STARVATION IS ELIMINATED, AS LONG AS THE HYDRAMAT REMAINS IN CONTACT WITH FUEL. FULLY FED A Look At How Team Herbst/ Smith Racing Uses Holley's HydraMat To Eliminate Fuel Starvation Issues BY STEPHEN ROMERO PHOTOGRAPHY: DAN SANCHEZ 066 SCORE JOURNAL

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