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MANUFACTURERS LIKE TOYOTA RAN IN STOCK FULL AND WON THE SCORE BAJA 1000 IN 2014 TO PROVE THE RUGGED CAPABILITIES OF THEIR TRD PICKUP TRUCK. PHOTO COURTESY TOYOTA PHOTO COURTESY TOYOTA like a Hummer H2, on a pretty small budget. By adding all of the safety stuff and upgrading the suspension, you should be able to run the race and have a good time. You can actually finish if you don't push the vehicle too hard. The only problem is that vehicle will not be competitive when compared to another vehicle that was purposely built to win the class." GETTING COMPETITIVE Racing the SCORE Baja 1000 in a stock truck just to do it is one thing. But winning the class isn't so easy. "If you really want to be competitive and race for points, it's going to cost a bit more," said Hall. "A full race built Stock Full vehicle, even though they are pretty stock, requires some modifications that add to the cost. Another issue to keep in mind is if you run these vehicles on the edge of their maximum effort. At this level, they are costly to prep. When the manufacturers were involved, the class was much bigger because we had their support and factory engineers could help to prep the vehicles." Hall points out that there is one common thread that Stock Full class racers utilize; four- wheel drive. With horsepower limited to the factory output, original equipment suspension travel, and increased weight due to the addition of a roll-cage and high-capacity fuel cell, four-wheel drive plays a vital role for these vehicles. According to Hall, it allows drivers to help pull the truck through deep sand, silt beds, mud, stream crossings, and uphill sections of the race course that have been chewed by the heavy horsepower race vehicles ahead of them. "All in all, to run Stock Full in Baja you need to choose your 081 SCORE JOURNAL

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