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ex ample submission Over 2 years ago, we set out to build a tire pressure monitoring system App that gave the ability to view real-time pressure and temperature readings right on an iPhone or Android smartphone. The struggle to build a multi-platform compatible device quickly became very apparent. We needed input from everyone including our customers. Like many companies today, we had established product lines, but wanted to branch out to the "smart" device category. Due to Android's fragmentation, we didn't want to get caught up in having separate devices. After many meetings, we finally started to create a single, multi- platform application compatible with Android 4.3 and iOS7. When the core functionality for an Android and iOS app was complete, our team: Elaine, Todd, Jay, Michael, Janice, Chuck and Debbie, came together to design the user experience. Everyone had input. We made our new app designed with the user in mind. We talked to hundreds of customers to get their feedback. From the way the user adds a transmitter, to the way the system alerts, everything had its own, separate conversation. We sent out several units to beta testers to gather real-world information; and again, more conversation. With testing complete, we brought the product to market. We are proud to say this was designed in South Florida, USA. It was a result of countless hours of customer interaction. We couldn't have done it without out the help of our team and our thousands of loyal customers. Around the horn are: Todd (Customer Service Rep.) Elaine (Service Manager), Janice (Chief Financial Officer), Michael (Marketing and Product Manager), Jay (Customer Service Rep.) , Debbie Druien (President), and Chuck Fleischer (CEO). Chuck Fleischer and Debbie Druien Elaine and Todd. to Marke t We Will Go! Minder Research's Team of All-Stars:

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