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32 • RV PRO • MARCH 2016 rv-pro.com R ecently, I conducted two workshops at a conference for a major RV parts supplier. Afterward, I had the pleasure of speaking with a number of attendees and answering their ques- tions pertaining to some of the workshop content. Many of these attendees were, of course, dealers and managers who made comments like "You really hit home hard!" and "I felt like you were talking about my store" and "I'm going to use your com- ments with my employees." I asked what specifically they were referring to regarding my comments and the two most common answers given were: "You are not run- ning a democracy!" and "Are the inmates in charge of the asylum?" The point I was making is that, as a dealer, you are the ultimate decision-maker. As a dealer, do you need to hold an election every time you want to make a change in policy, processes or personnel? Do you really need anyone's vote other than your own? Assuming you own the store, aren't you the one who has made the investment in property, equipment, inventories, marketing and personnel? If so, then don't you deserve a good return on that investment? If you answered "yes", then why do you think you need permission from any employee to make a change in anything? What would be an example? How about "employee buy-in." What group of employees do you suppose these nice folks had the most concern about "buy-in" to change? If your answer is "technicians" you are right on the money! I find this very troubling, given that I did not speak to a single person who told me their technician productivity was more than 65 percent. Think about that for a minute. You are paying your technicians an hourly rate for 40 or more hours of clock time on the job and yet they are only producing about 26 billable hours! And you are afraid to implement any changes in processes and compensation in order to increase their You Are Not Running A Democracy The secret to success in service operations is not employee "buy-in" — it's holding service employees accountable. DON REED is the CEO of RVDealerPro Training, a Reynoldsburg, Ohio-based provider of sales and service training, F&I compliance solutions and sales recruiting. For more information, call the company at 888-553-0100 or visit the company's website at www. dealerprotraining.com. As the dealer owner or general manager, you are the ultimate decision-maker. You don't need to hold an election every time you want to make a change in policy, processes or personnel.

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