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The class covers a wide range of industry issues, including: an overview of how auto regulators and pigtails work and function; an explanation of the proper way to perform leak, flow and lock-up tests; a description of the devices best used and the ideal spots to hook up when performing those tests; a review of the vaporization rates of cylinder tanks, and more. During the training, "MEC's staff encourages participants to look back in time. Thirty years ago, a basic trailer would run off a 15-amp service", Peck says. Then, as more appliances and other features were added, a 30-amp service became typical, and then a 50-amp service. Now, 50-amp service won't work, so management systems have emerged. The same goes for LP gas. As trailers improve and more features have been added in, it is only natural for the LP systems to change and evolve as well. "They have to change, they have to grow, and they have to improve to handle everything else that's going on in the systems," Peck says. RV Problem Solver Peck notes MEC's extensive line of RV products – roughly 500 SKUs in all – are designed specifically for the RV industry. Since first entering the market, the company has noticed some of the issues caused by the lack of attention devoted to the LP sector in recent years, and as one of the only manufacturers of LP gas products in the United States, MEC has positioned itself as a business that is poised to take on challenges in order to find and develop solutions that make sense. A few years back, for example, appliance manufacturers came out with an on-demand, tankless water heater, but when those devices were initially installed in trailers many were failing. As a result, Peck explains, "the OEMs started pulling them out of the units due to the spike in warranty issues". The problem, it turns out, wasn't with the on-demand water heaters. There simply wasn't enough supply on the LP gas side to handle what the heaters needed to run. MEC was tapped by two of the main water heater suppliers and asked to help with testing efforts. The result was the creation of a high- capacity regulator and connection that would put out a higher BTU and flow rate. Problem solved. In the past, when an aftermarket LP gas generator was added to a trailer, a designated gas line was needed because the demand required by that generator was more than the standard regulators could put out. "Again, by using our high flow capacity regulators and high-flow hoses, a tech is now able to install that LP gas generator and switch out the regulator and pigtails to high capacity without the extra time and expense of adding a whole new gas line to it," Peck says. High-efficiency furnaces have presented yet another challenge to the RV industry because of the highly sensitive pressure settings. Although they are meant to burn less fuel, if the right pressures and setup aren't in place those furnaces will not perform the way they were designed to function. By using MEC's low-capacity, standard or high-capacity regulators, these high-efficiency furnaces are able to run better and perform as intended. In the past, products like high- efficiency furnaces and on-demand water heaters just didn't exist. All appliances were relatively standard and roughly the same size in all RV units, so one regulator would do the trick in the old days, Peck says, but times have changed. As RV trailers keep advancing and changing and improving that presents opportunities for MEC to develop new equipment and products that improve upon the status quo. More and more people are recognizing that the combination of high-quality products, the support and backing that comes along with those products, and a good, fair price are tough to beat. "We pride ourselves in the products we put out," Peck says, "and we pride ourselves in being a step ahead." ALSO AVAILABLE AS A KIT: MEGR-253H High Capacity Automatic Changeover Regulator with MER-425H High Flow Series Hoses To learn more call 269-789-6700, email sales@marshallexcelsior.com or visit our website marshallexcelsior.com

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