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rv-pro.com MARCH 2016 • RV PRO • 33 productivity because they might quit working for you? Sounds to me like the inmates are definitely in charge of the asylum! Let's assume your service department's productivity is running at 100 percent. Great job! You have two open bays with lifts and you ask your service manager to hire two more technicians so you can sell more appoint- ments, increase service sales and reduce repair cycle times, thereby raising your service absorption. Then the first words out of your manager's mouth is: "Ralph and George (your techs) each are using two bays and they would be very upset if we hired two more techs and gave them one of their two bays, so I don't think this is a good idea." What do you do? Do you need the "buy-in" of your three employees before you can make a decision? Do you need their "buy-in" in order to provide your customer with a higher level of service? Here's another thought. You have a very good F&I department currently averaging more than $1,000 PRU by doing a great job selling from their F&I menus. You then decide to implement a service department maintenance menu to properly train your cus- tomers on preventative maintenance and increase service sales. You pay a professional to design it for you and install it on your advi- sors' computers. You then have all of your advisors professionally trained on how to make a proper feature/ benefit presentation of the menus, just like you did with your F&I producers. A couple of weeks go by and you sit down with your service manager to review your advisors' performance report and you find that your HPRO, profit margins, 1-item repair orders and sales per RO have not improved at all. You ask your service manager: "How can this be happening?" He responds: "The advisors just don't have the time to use those menus." What do you do? " There are only two reasons why advisors are not presenting menus to 100 percent of your service customers: 1) They don't know how to, or 2) They don't want to. " Do your fi xed operations need fi xing? • Is your technician productivity under 100%? • Are your parts sales fl at? • Are more than 20% of your ROs for one item only? If you answered yes to any of these questions, you need to call or email Don Reed today! www.rvdealerprotraining.com DealerPRO RV delivers CEU's for Mike Molino RV Learning Center Certifi cations • Training Center • In-Dealership • Online DealerPRO RV will help you fi x your fi xed ops. TOLL-FREE: 1.800.553.0100 Email: dreed@dealerprotraining.com DPRO-248RVProMag3_375x4_875Ad.indd 1 2/1/16 1:35 PM

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