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rv-pro.com MARCH 2016 • RV PRO • 39 get to more places, certainly in the provinces of Canada. So that is underway and being set up as we speak. In addition to that, our cross-dock changes are kind of dynamic: We have opened new cross-docks in several areas. Meanwhile, we did additional incremental space to our Kansas City distribution center that added 60,000 square feet with a building addition. And then in Corona, in Southern California, there was a portion of the warehouse building we didn't occupy before. The tenant moved out and we were able to grab that, so we added another 30,000 square feet and now occupy the whole building. Also, I'd note we've added 90 cube vans, 27 tractors and 152 drivers to our fleet service. RV PRO: Based in part on where your new warehouses are located, it seems like the Canadian market is taking on even more importance for your combined company than the previ- ously individual distributors? What's ahead for the company in serving that market? Rogers: Actually, Coast had a big presence up there and NTP- STAG had a growing presence up there. Now we have the oppor- tunity to continue that. … So, with the combined entities we now have the volume to support programs we're known so well for in the U.S., like merchandising store sets, personalized catalog programs, direct mail programs, etc. All of those things now can be supported because of the base that has been set, so it's a great avenue for them. RV PRO: You've talked about how the combined company will benefit customers in the U.S. and Canada. What do you say to those who express concern about what distributor con- solidation means for the aftermarket? Rogers: I think we were a little slow to try to address that (concern) with our customer base, so they understood who we are and what our intentions were, better. … That wasn't the real focus for us; we were focused on the nuts and bolts of making sure the integrations went right on the logistics side, and that we were servicing them as best we could. But we lacked in the com- munication, in telling them who we were and the why. Their concern, while understandable, shouldn't be a big focus NTP-STAG highlighted new and expanded warehouses it has created to better serve dealers during Rogers' presentation to dealers. PD52DCS & PD52DCSV 240 VAC, 50 Amps Safe, Secure & Silent www.progressivedyn.com sales@progressivedyn.com 269-781-4241 Manufactured and Serviced in the USA When you need it, it works! Poor transfer switch performance? Check out Progressive Dynamic's PD52DCS surge protected transfer switch. Quiet & reliable – unit is housed as part of your RV, providing more protection from theft. Progressive Dynamics, Inc. TM

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