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rv-pro.com MARCH 2016 • RV PRO • 47 Northern Wholesale Show Product Winners The Next Evolution in Inverters/Chargers Samlex America, Burnaby, B.C., Canada, introduces its Evo- lution Series Inverter/ Charger. Every RVer – especially one who plans to go off the grid – needs a reliable way to charge a bank of batteries to meet the power needs of the RV, so Samlex developed the Evolution Series Inverter/Charger to offer users not only a reliable way to charge, but also one that can be flexible. The Evolution Series is a pure sine inverter, battery charger and transfer switch all in one. The device features two AC inputs and can accept input from the grid, a generator, or a solar charge controller – all at the same time to charge a bank of batteries. The inverter/ charger will automatically switch between power sources as they become available, ensuring the batteries are charging efficiently and the AC loads are being powered without delay, according to Samlex Sales Manager Sharl Cline. The Evolution Series also has three times the surge power, allowing for better handling of energy-eating devices such as refrig- erators, freezers and air conditioners, Cline says. She notes that this surge power allows the customer to be able to right-size the inverter to handle heavy surge loads, reducing costs. In addition to its power functions, the Evolution Series also has safety precautions built-in to protect both the inverter/ charger and anything that is plugged into it. "One of the other focuses we had when developing this was to make sure it was an easy product for the user, but also for the installer," Cline says. "There was a focus on the protection of any equipment plugged into it or itself. So, we have nine points of protection monitoring. If the device actually detects that there would be something harmful, it will do a healthy shutdown before any damage can be done to itself or the equipment plugged into it. At that point, the best thing to do would be to give us a call at our 1-900 number. We have an SD card that can do data logging. The user can pull that card and send us the file so we can take a look at what happened remotely." Samlex products are built tough, and the Evolution Series has a coated circuit board that is rated for the marine industry. What Impressed RV PRO: The Samlex Evolution Series com- bines a pure sine inverter, a battery charger and transfer switch all in one, and with its ability to offer three times the surge power of its normal power load it allows it to better handle energy-eating devices such as refrigerators, freezers and air-conditioners. What's more, the Evolution Series benefits from its durability and its built- in safety precautions, which protects both the inverter/ charger and anything that is plugged into it. www.samlexamerica.com Samlex rep Jonathan Krawchuk is pictured next to Samlex's new Evolution Series Inverter/ Charger, which is an all-in-one pure sine wave inverter, battery charger and transfer switch.

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