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54 • RV PRO • MARCH 2016 rv-pro.com NTP-STAG Show Product Winners 'A New Concept in Towing' PullRite, Mishawaka, Ind., introduces the SuperLite fifth wheel hitch, which is rated to 20,000 pounds yet weighs just 52 pounds. The SuperLite takes the hitch plate, rocker arm and cross- member and combines all three functions in its SuperLite King Pin Adapter, which clamps into the trailer's king pin and mounts an upside-down ball in place of all three. Then, PullRite took a gooseneck coupler and turned it upside-down and mounted it to a base that fits industry standard rails or PullRite's removable SuperRails featuring Clean Bed Technology (CBT). What's more, PullRite added a funnel to the gooseneck coupler so that all users have to do is aim the ball over any part of the funnel to guide the ball into the coupler tube. Because the ball and coupler funnel are visible from the driver's seat, SuperLite is the easiest fifth wheel hitch to couple, according to Scott Later, PullRite's national sales manager. "It is a completely new concept in towing, not just for fifth wheels, but for gooseneck towing, too," he says. "Not only have we never had anything like it, there's never been any- thing like it in the industry prior to this. It's one of the lightest weight hitches ever on the market. It provides the most secure coupling point between the truck and the trailer while providing the consumer with the most com- fortable ride. The ease and simplicity of use are unrivaled." It's hard to understate the importance of the tight connection the SuperLite facilitates between the pickup and fifth wheel, according to Later. "What the SuperLite does with that ball is it gives the tightest connection on the market," he says. "There's virtually no movement what- soever when that ball is down in that coupler because you've got a round ball going into a perfectly round coupler, so you're making nearly 360 degrees of steel-on-steel contact." What Impressed RV PRO: On paper, the SuperLite is a 20K hitch, but there's so much more to the product than that. The SuperLite makes the hitching process easier and safer, it makes the ride more comfortable and it provides a secure coupling point between the pickup and fifth wheel – all in a lightweight package. What's more the design is almost maintenance free, as it only needs a light coat of ordinary spray-on lubricant. www.pullrite.com DISTRIBUTOR BEST OF SHOW PullRite President Randy Pulliam is pictured next to his company's new SuperLite fifth wheel hitch, a 20K hitch in a lightweight package that also makes the hitching process simpler and safer and the ride more comfortable.

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