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58 • RV PRO • MARCH 2016 rv-pro.com NTP-STAG Show Product Winners Designed to Counter 'Annoying Sway' Hayes Towing Electronics, Arab, Ala., introduces the Sway Master elec- tronic sway control device, which is designed to eliminate sway when weight distribution is not needed, and which provides simultaneous braking when sway is detected to all brakes (up to four) on a trailer. Sway Master works thanks to some high-tech gadgetry. "Inside, it has a solid-state gyro- scope and a GPS," says Hayes Vice President of Sales and Marketing Bill Smith. "The GPS is what makes us a little bit different. What happens is that as you go down the road, the GPS is measuring speed and the gyroscope is measuring sway." When the Sway Master determines there's too much sway, there's an algo- rithm in the circuit board that deter- mines how much brake pressure to apply and applies it. Smith says it's particularly ideal for drivers experiencing what he calls "annoying sway" – sway that isn't necessarily dangerous but is annoying because the driver can feel sway going on behind him. The driver doing the towing will possibly notice different kinds of pressure on the brakes as the trailer is slowed and comes back to the centerline, Smith says, but it may be subtle enough that he may not even know what's going on behind him. "He may feel the brakes going on, but for the most part, if there's no sway, it doesn't even activate," he says. Smith adds that the demands on the vehicle doing the towing are also minimal. Even more attractive for many drivers, the Sway Master is a "plug-and-play" device with easy installation. "It mounts on the A-frame of the trailer," he says. "The trailer control goes into one side of the box and then it has a pigtail on the other side that connects via a seven-way into the tow vehicle. There's no calibrating and there's no leveling." DISTRIBUTOR BEST OF SHOW Smith says once the Sway Master is mounted on the A-frame, the only requirement is that the top of the device have an unob- structed view of the sky for the GPS to work properly. And, installation is as simple as drilling a couple holes. It even comes with self-tapping screws. "It comes complete with the pigtail; it's all attached," Smith says. "It comes with a plug holder for the seven-way plug so that when it's not in use it's not hanging and dragging when not in use." The product is aimed at light- and medium-duty trailers such as travel trailers or toy haulers that don't need weight distribution. What Impressed RV PRO: Thanks to some high-tech gadgetry, the Sway Master is ideally suited to handle "annoying sway" in those instances when weight distribution is not needed, and to provide simultaneous braking to all brakes on a trailer when sway is detected. As an added bonus, the Sway Master is a "plug-and- play" device offering an easy install. www.hayesbc.com Hayes Towing Electronics' Sway Master is specially designed to eliminate annoying sway when weight distribution is not needed while also providing simultaneous braking to all brakes on a trailer when sway is detected. The plug-and-play device offers an easy install.

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