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60 • RV PRO • MARCH 2016 rv-pro.com NTP-STAG Show Product Winners Amping Up Surge Protection Progressive Industries, Apex, N.C., intro- duces the latest in its line of shore power surge protectors for the RV market, covering 30-amp and 50-amp "XL" versions of the company's popular portable line. Progressive Industries spent months devel- oping the SSP-50XL and SSP-30XL protectors, which have earned approval from Underwriters Labs in the U.S. and the Canadian Standards Association, according to Operations Manager Joe Casale. "When we talk about testing, we're talking about stringent electrical, weather, sprinkling, drop-tests, mechanical – all kinds of things," he says of the testing process. "It was really a very interesting process." For example, Casale says the unit's housing was frozen at 40-degrees below zero for 24 hours before having a 2-inch ball bearing dropped onto the plastic from 8 feet high. "(The testing) tells the consumer that it's vir- tually bullet-proof," he says. "The electronics are solid and sound, all of the electrical connections have been tested to the maximum ... and that the wiring and electronic boards inside is doing all the things we say it is." When first plugged in, the XL-series surge protectors provide a user feedback on the quality of the connection through a series of three LED lights on the plug's panel. "It will tell you immediately whether you have an open ground, open neutral, or reverse polarity, which are three relevant, common problems with electrical power as it pertains to plugs," Casale says. The plug features several upgrades, including the addition of 6-gauge copper wire, which replaces the smaller 8-gauge wire in the neck leading up to the power source. "(The neck) has better wires for transmitting larger amounts of voltage and amperage, and it's got a special plug that no other SSPs have," Casale says. Progressive Industries also added a Lexan covering designed to offer 360-degree protection for the user's electrical plug from the elements and a new locking bracket on the neck wiring that allows users to secure the plug to prevent theft. The made-in-the-U.S. product has a lifetime warranty – with DISTRIBUTOR BEST OF SHOW exception to the Lexan cover, which has a one-year warranty – that covers the watertight gaskets, various seals and the plug's rugged pull handle. The last line of protection on the product is its surge protection feature, which Casale says is designed to protect RVers from the possibility of an electrical surge that could cost thousands of dollars. "If a surge comes over the line, and it's too great and there's a possibility of it causing damage to an RV, what happens is that it will shut down and blow one of the electronic modules inside and stop the power from coming into the coach," Casale says. What Impressed RV PRO: Progressive Industries engineered some impressive product upgrade and durability features into its new surge protectors, including the Lexan plastic covering, the 6-gauge wire in the neck and its built-in surge protection features. No wonder the company offers a lifetime warranty on the product. www.progressiveindustries.net Progressive Industries President Thomas Fanelli is pictured next to his company's SSP 30XL and SSP-50XL surge protectors, which incorporate multiple safety features, including durable 6-gauge wire and tough Lexan plastic covering.

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