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62 • RV PRO • MARCH 2016 rv-pro.com Delivering the DISH on Satellite TV Winegard, Burlington, Iowa, introduces the DISH Playmaker, which delivers a satellite antenna tailor-made for DISH end-users. "All of our other products work with DISH, Direct and Bell in Canada, but this is a DISH-only product; it will only work with DISH Network," says Erik Guldager, national sales manager for Winegard's mobile sales. "It is literally their product: their name, their logo and their marketing dollars are going to be behind this product, which is exciting for us." The DISH Playmaker is compatible with Win- egard's tripod and ladder-mounts. The antenna also can set up on any flat surface that allows the line- of-sight connection to DISH satellites in the sky. "You can put it on a picnic bench," Guldager says. "As long as it's relatively level and allows a line- of-sight connection, it's going to work." Once deployed, the dome is automatic, scanning the sky for connections with DISH's orbital satellites and making the link that best fits for the end-user. The antenna works with DISH's pay-as-you-go TV plan. The service allows subscriptions on a monthly basis, and was rolled out to meet RV and tailgater market. "It's mobile-friendly software, designed for the mobile market. ... Say you have Comcast at home, but you're going camping and want to watch stuff while you're out, you can buy it (DISH) 30 days at a time, and that's unique to DISH Network," Guldager says. The Playmaker draws power and communicates with the receiver through a single coaxial hookup. In other Winegard satellite models, such as the company's G2 lineup, the domes feature two coaxial connections, allowing for multiple receiver hookups. Due to the DISH satellite configuration, an issue can occur with two-receiver systems, causing the antenna to switch between satellites as it attempts to accommodate requests from the receiver pair. To avoid the issue, Guldager says that DISH specifically requested the Playmaker feature a single coaxial port, through which the satellite also draws its power, allowing for a one-wire, streamlined setup. "With the single satellite solution, there's one port and it works flawlessly," he says. While the price of the DISH Playmaker is less than many competing products, Guldager says it features the same quality construction of any Winegard product, including an all-metal antenna and the dome and that the product undergoes the same quality assurance checks. DISTRIBUTOR BEST OF SHOW Arrow Show Product Winners What Impressed RV PRO: For those RVers who are fine with DISH-only available programming, the Playmaker offers a rea- sonably priced option that still maintains all of the quality and benefits that Winegard provides with all of its products. Notably, it is compatible with Winegard's tripod and ladder-mounts. Also notably, the antenna works with DISH's pay-as-you-go TV plan. www.winegard.com/mobile Erik Guldager, national sales manager for Winegard's mobile sales, is pictured next to the company's new DISH Playmaker satellite antenna, which offers all the benefits of a Winegard product in a DISH-specific system.

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