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rv-pro.com MARCH 2016 • RV PRO • 63 Putting Black Tank Buildup in the Crosshairs Walex Products Co., Wilmington, N.C., introduces its Com- mando product, which is focused exclusively on the dirty task of cleaning black tanks. "It's a cleaner, not a deodorizer," Walex RV and Marine Sales Manager Todd Vice says. "Anyone who's got a clogged tank or clogged sensors can drop one sachet in, fill it with water, let it sit for 24 hours, and it will liquefy anything in there." For many, cleaning black tanks can be a laborious process, involving elaborate probes, wands, cleaners and sometimes ice cubes, but with the Commando, Vice says those methods are unnecessary. "With the (Commando) there's no agitation needed. A lot people put ice in the tank and then drive their RV to move every- thing around, but they don't have to do that now," he says. "Liter- ally, put the drop-in into the tank, fill it up with water, and as long as that water level covers everything in there, it will clean everything out of it." The product contains some of the same natural cleaning enzymes used in other Walex tank treatments – except that the Commando packs more of a punch, utilizing 10 times the power of other Walex cleaning formulas. "It's a super-concentrated enzyme formula," Vice says. "We've got two additional cleaning agents in there that allow the product to be pushed out, so there's no agitation needed." It works by utilizing enzymes that only act on waste and paper. Walex has added two additional cleaning agents inside of the product that allow it to spread throughout the water in the tank so those enzymes move into places that might take them longer to get to other- wise, eliminating the need for agitation. Walex recommends using one sachet every three months, depending on how clean a user keeps their black tank. For some users, more frequent treatment, or using the product as needed, makes more sense. "People who camp on the weekend, leave the site and don't empty the tank, then come back the next weekend, they're going to have dried up gunk on the walls because the heat is just going to keep evaporating the water," he says. What Impressed RV PRO: Walex's Commando holding tank product promises 10 times the cleaning power of some of its other products without requiring agitation or the elaborate, labo- rious scrubbing processes that come with using probes and wands and the like. And Walex's product uses natural enzymes rather than harsh chemicals to achieve its results. www.walex.com Arrow Show Product Winners Walex RV and Marine Sales Manager Todd Vice is pictured next to the company's new Commando black tank holding tank cleaner, a super- concentrated cleaner.

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