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rv-pro.com MARCH 2016 • RV PRO • 75 orator and the condenser," Schutz says. "That allows us to have lighter weight and better performance because we're increasing the airflow and quieting the airflow. It's a better insulation." Still another advantage of the EPP foam is that the top and bottom basically inter- lock, so that a repair requires nothing more strenuous than lifting the top section of the EPP out, eliminating the screws that hold the components in other units in place for easier installation and service. Schutz is also proud of the fact that the Blizzard incorporates Dometic's Quietzone design, which allows it to be installed com- pletely from the top. "There's nobody down below putting bolts up and there's no direct air return under the air conditioner," he says. "We're ducting the return air from the sides, so you don't get the transfer of motor noise and compressor noise straight through the ceiling like a typical air-conditioner installation." The new features of the Blizzard NTX notwithstanding, Schutz notes that all three of Dometic's core product lines: Brisk, Bliz- zard and Penguin, have had major redesigns within the past five years. A big reason for that is demands expressed by the OEMS for both quieter operation and better performance. Product Manager Rory Leitch says as RV units get bigger and longer, the demand for increased airflow continues to grow. "Every time we redesign or iterate a product, one of the key things is increased airflow," Leitch says. "They're looking for increased cooling capacity and increased air flow so that when you stand under the register you want to feel cool and comfort- able; you don't want the air to trickle out." Not surprisingly, both men say the Bliz- zard NTX is designed with those larger units in mind. "Anybody building a large fifth wheel or a large motorhome is going to be interested in this," says Schutz. "The Blizzard is for the higher-end units that require more capacity." A (More) Modest Type of Cool Airxcel isn't trying to reach the top-of- the-market units with its new Mach 10 – although for a unit with more than one air conditioner it's a possibility. However, that's really not its market niche. "The Mach 10 is a new low-profile air conditioner for us that fits into a slot within our product lineup between our ultra-low- profile Mach 8 and our standard-profile Mach 3 and Mach 15," says Piar Adams, vice president of marketing, aftermarket and international sales. "It has a smaller footprint for OEMs that can't use a taller Airxcel is excited about the launch of the company's new Mach 10 unit, which offers a lower profile than its standard units and a more modest price-point than its Mach 8 unit. Pictured next to the air conditioner are: Trent Kauffman, vice president of OEM sales for Airxcel (left), and Piar Adams, vice president of marketing, aftermarket and international sales.

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