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78 SXSWedu 2016 Monday 12:30 PM - 3:30 PM Leadership Moving From Privacy to Trust JW | Salon 4 | Summit | #priv2trust CPE Concerns around the privacy of student data have been rising and educators are increasingly on the defensive as parents believe too much data is collected about their children. Trust is at the heart of the privacy debate. Last year the Student Data Principles were endorsed by 40 education associations, and over 200 companies have signed a Student Privacy Pledge. Learn how we can build trust through better educator training, improved review of education apps, clearer vendor agreements and building a "seal" validating trusted learning environ- ments. Participate in an interactive forum on what else is needed. Aimee Guidera, Data Quality Campaign, Bob Moore, Dallas ISD, Deb Delisle, ASCD, Kathleen Styles, US Department of Education 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM Educational Equality Tested ACC | Room 9C | Film TESTED looks at the lack of racial diversity at the top public high schools in New York City by following a dozen families from dif- ferent racial, socio-economic and religious backgrounds as they prepare to pass the grueling entrance exam. 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Implementation Wisdom of Higher Ed Pioneers in 7 Minutes or Less Hilton | Salon C | Solo | #Imagineif Hosted by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Join a curated collection of thought leaders, Higher Ed CEOs, and respected prac- titioners who are each sharing groundbreaking ideas, innovations or concepts in a fast-paced vignettes. These short talks are designed to help Higher Ed professionals continue to innovate, improve student success and reflect on critical challenges facing the future of the field. In the vein of TED talks, these speakers will share their insights in seven minutes or less. Bridget Burns, The University of Innovation Alliance, Timothy Renick, Georgia State University 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Educational Equality College Success: Is There an App For That? ACC | Room 18ABC | Featured 9% of students from low-income communities earn a bachelor's degree by their mid-20s vs 77% of their wealthy peers. That's a statistic that we want to change. Since its launch in 2010, Beyond 12 has coached over 7,000 college students using near-peer, virtual coaches and an analytics platform. While its current model works, the organization aspires to serve 250,000+ students annually. With the help of visionary funders like Google, the Michael and Susan Dell Foundation and Tipping Point Community, and the creative minds at IDEO, Beyond 12 is re-imagining college coaching to scale its student impact, and create a human-centered design model for the field. And yes, there is an app involved. Alexandra Bernadotte, Beyond 12, Heather Emerson, IDEO, Renuka Kher, Tipping Point, Todd Penner, The Michael & Susan Dell Foundation 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM Assessment Breaking the Standardized Test Addiction Hilton | Salon J | Panel CPE Anya Kamenetz (NPR) will lead a discussion about our standard- ized test obsession and then explore ways to break this addiction. Alternatives for schools to explore include: 1) Performance-based assessments and project-based learning, not tied to specific data points 2) The use of data and analytics to drive self-assessment and daily assessment and feedback 3) Assessment of social-emotional skills, human nature, self-report mechanisms and student well-be- ing as measurable outcomes 4) game-based assessment that can help to eliminate tests. Anya Kamenetz, NPR, David Kuntz, Knewton Inc, Kim Day, Perspectives Charter Schools, Seth Corrigan, LRNG 12:45 PM - 1:15 PM Gaming Virtual Exchange Meets Virtual Reality ACC | Ballroom EFG | Playground Hands On Technology allows us to connect communities we may otherwise never encounter, offering the ability to approach the world with greater empathy. Virtual exchanges and virtual reality provides the incredible opportunity to make the nightly news come alive. We'd like to showcase our collaboration with Nonny de la Peña's lab at USC combining virtual reality with virtual exchange through a project entitled Reimagine: Syria. Students from Los Angeles were "dropped into" a virtual reality recreation to understand the realities of the Syrian crisis. GNG connected these students with Syrian refu- gee youth in Amman, Jordan. Participants will have the opportunity to be "immersed" in a simulation. Hannah Weitzer, Global Nomads Group, Grace Lau, Global Nomads Group 1:00 PM - 1:30 PM Leadership How to Make EdTech Purchasing Painless & Effective ACC | Room 19AB | Industry Talk American K-12 schools spend $70 billion on curriculum and tech- nology every year, with a great deal going to education technology purchases—and yet we still do not have established best practices for purchasing EdTech. This panel will feature actionable advice from three K-12 superintendents and one CEO of an EdTech startup to make EdTech purchasing predictable and mutually beneficial for districts and entrepreneurs. The goal of the conversation is to pro- vide actionable advice for administrators to avoid wasting money and improve student outcomes and to provide EdTech entrepre- neurs insight and strategic advice to understand what districts want and how to help them achieve it. Adam Fried, Harrington Park School District, Bharanidharan Rajakumar, LearnBop, Tammy Rush, Hillsborough County Public Schools, Mary Beth Wiseman, Elizabeth Forward School District 1:30 PM - 3:30 PM Instructional Strategies Transforming Learning in a Borderless World Hilton | Salon F | Workshop CPE During this fast-paced session featuring student work videos and teacher interviews, and drawing on perspectives from around the world, attendees learn how innovative schools are giving their stu- dents a global perspective. These schools are creating deeply en- gaging, more globally focused learning environments that strength- en teacher practice and student learning. The session features a global competence matrix that educators can adopt and a series of practical tools that the presenters will demonstrate with attendees. It also includes an honest look at the most significant challenges to building a global classroom. Dana Mortenson, World Savvy, Madiha Murshed, Scholastica

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