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1 8 1 2 0 1 6 S X S W F I L M P R O G R A M G U I D E T i t l e D e s i g n C o m p e t i t i o n TITLE DESIGN COMPETITION FILM FESTIVAL Sunday, March 13 | 6:00 PM Almo Ritz 2 2001: AN EDM ODYSSEY [1] Director: Scott Slone, Title Design Company: One Roof Entertainment Group, Title Designer: Joshua Lim (Title Design Animation) The Avengers: Age of Ultron [2] Director: Joss Whedon, Title Design Company/Title Designer: Perception Crimson Peak [3] Crimson Peak [3] Crimson Peak Director: Guillermo del Toro, Title Design Company: IAMSTATIC, Title Designers: Ron Gervais, Dave Greene Daredevil [4] Daredevil [4] Daredevil Title Design Company: Elastic, Title Designer: Patrick Clair Dina Foxx – Deadly Contact [5] Contact [5] Contact Title Design Company: weareflink, Title Designers: Martin Hess, Niko Tziopanos The Expanse [6] Title Design Company/Title Designer: Breeder FITC Toronto 2015 – Evolution [7] Title Designer: Will Reid Flesh and Bone [8] Title Design Company: Elastic, Title Designer: Angus Wall Hickey [9] Hickey [9] Hickey Director: Alex Grossman, Title Designer: Karin Fong, Title Editor: Caleb Woods Imagine [10] Director: Patrick Taylor, Title Design Company: Visual Playground Title Designer: Shannon Hoyne J. Kessels [11] J. Kessels [11] J. Kessels Director: Erik de Bruyn, Title Design Company: DAVID&MIMOUN, Title Designer: David de Winter The Leftovers (Season 2) [12] (Season 2) [12] (Season 2) Title Design Company: Elastic, Title Designer: Angus Wall Measuring Evil [13] Measuring Evil [13] Measuring Evil Title Design Company: Clemens Wirth Motion Design, Title Designer: Clemens Wirth, Creative Producer: Salpi Bailey, Head of Creative: Martin Gen, Music: SATV / Radium Audio, Sound Design: A+E Networks Audio Muppets Most Wanted [14] Wanted [14] Wanted Director: James Bobin, Title Design Company: Picturemill, Title Designers: William Lebeda, David Midgen, Iris Azadi Nitehawk Shorts Festival Opening Titles [15] Titles [15] Titles Director: James Coulson, Title Design Company: Nice Shoes Creative Studio, Title Designer: James Coulson Semi-Permanent 2015 [16] 2015 [16] 2015 Director/Title Design Company/Title Designer: Raoul Marks Spectre [17] Director: Sam Mendes, Title Design Companies: Framestore, Rattling Stick, VFX Supervisor: William Bartlett, Title Director: Daniel Kleinman Suburban Cowboy [18] Cowboy [18] Cowboy Director: Ryan Colucci, Dragan Roganovic, Title Design Company: Spoke Lane Entertainment, Title Designer: Zsombor Huszka Sunstone [19] Director: Aimée Duchamp, Title Design Company: Atelier, Lorem Ipsum, Alca Films Turn: Washington's Spies [20] Director: Craig Silverstein, Title Design Company: Shine, Creative Director: Michael Riley, Executive Producer: Bob Swensen, Art Director: Aaron Bjork, Animators: Aaron Bjork, Eddie Moreno Versailles [21] Versailles [21] Versailles Director: Christian Langlois, Title Design Companies: Mémoire Liquide, Fly Studio, Creative Director: Christian Langlois, Executive Producer: Ian Whitehead, Art Director/Lead Title Animation: Charles Bertrand Visitantes [22] Visitantes [22] Visitantes Director: Acán Coen, Title Design Company: Diecinueve36, Title Designer: Maribel Martínez Galindo Wayward Pines [23] Wayward Pines [23] Wayward Pines Title Design Company: Picturemill, Title Designers: William Lebeda, Cecilia De Jesus We Are X [24] We Are X [24] We Are X Director: Stephen Kijak, Title Design Company: Blue Spill, Title Designers: Allison Brownmoore, Anthony Brownmoore Wired By Design [25] Title Design Company: Elastic, Title Designer: Patrick Clair You Are The Canvas (OFFF Festival) [26] (OFFF Festival) [26] (OFFF Festival) Director/Title Designer: Jean-Paul Frenay, Title Design Company: Bang Bang Club Zoolander 2 Main on End [27] Main on End [27] Main on End Title Design Company: Prologue Films, Creative Director: Kyle Cooper, Executive Producer: Kimberly Cooper 2 3 4 5 6 7 1 8 15 22 9 16 23 10 17 24 11 18 25 12 19 26 13 20 27 14 21 PRESEN T ED BY ONEF IF T Y

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