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IMPROVING SAFETY I nnovation in motorsports safety is dynamic. It never ends. Whether a racer is driving or co-riding in a Trophy Truck, riding a motorcycle, or scorching Baja in a UTV, having the right safety gear is vital and without compromise. In addition, because there is no such thing as a safety barrier on a race course etched out of the deserts of Mexico, having all your gear up to date is essential for surviving hazards that may occur, and having the time for safety crews and team SCORE SAFETY HELMET&NECK RESTRAINT PRODUCT GUIDE members to get to a crash site. One of the most important safety devices, for any racer, is a properly rated helmet and a neck restraint. After the start of the 2016 racing season, new models and certifications became available which teams should be aware of, especially if these items are outdated. We've put together some popular model helmets and neck restraints that are available for teams and individuals, looking to upgrade these items to the newest regulations. SNELL RATINGS While more four-wheel racers are beginning to utilize neck restraints to minimize injuries in a crash, helmets designs keep changing. The newest 2016 model helmets meet Snell's SA 2015 certification that have passed low velocity and low lateral impact testing procedures to minimize concussion injuries. These tougher requirements provide some of the best protection SCORE racers have had to date and is a key investment to protecting teams and drivers. SJ BY RICK SHANDLEY PHOTO BY RANDY COCHRAN 050 SCORE JOURNAL

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