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MANUFACTURERS LIKE TOYOTA RAN IN STOCK FULL AND WON THE SCORE BAJA 1000 IN 2014 TO PROVE THE RUGGED CAPABILITIES OF THEIR TRD PICKUP TRUCK. PHOTO COURTESY TOYOTA PHOTO COURTESY TOYOTA FACTORY TURBOCHARGED UTVS LIKE MARC BURNETT'S POLARIS RZR 1000 ARE FASTER, WHICH HELPED BURNETT WIN THE NEW PRO UTV FORCED INDUCTION CLASS 20 AT THE SAN FELIPE 250. T he UTV classes have been one of the fastest growing within the SCORE International World Desert Championship Series. With support from manufacturers such as Polaris, Can-Am, Arctic Cat, Yamaha and others, racers have been able to build a competitive team within an affordable budget. As participation and sponsorship opportunities increase for UTV racers, continued growth in the category seems to be on the horizon. With more teams racing UTVs in Baja, manufacturers are taking advantage of the unique research and development arena from which they can build more durable and faster vehicles than ever before. One of the most impactful innovations to come out of their racing involvement is the use of turbocharging. On UTV engines, turbos have allowed manufacturers to push the boundaries of how much horsepower can be made from these small engines which are increasing the speeds in which racers can finish in some of SCORE's most difficult courses. OE HORSEPOWER WARS SAVE ENGINE BUDGETS For many racers, the horsepower war has been a true blessing. "Instead of having to go spend thousands on our motor, we could run a stock turbo motor and driveline from the factory for a fraction of GETSOMEPHOTO.COM 071 SCORE JOURNAL

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