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READER ENQUIRY 4 Pedestrian & Remote Control Mowers A round-up of the latest product news Page 17-19 APRIL 2016 Landscape Amenity PRODUCT UPDATE Sports Turf Maintenance Reviewing top quality services and products Page 26-30 Green Roofs, Garden Roofs & Living Walls Taking a look at eco-friendly systems Page 11-13 Achieving non-selective, long lasting weed control in one hit and with a product that reduces reliance on glyphosate is a realistic aspiration this spring as weeds respond to rising temperatures. Pistol is a broad spectrum herbicide for the control of annual and perennial weeds and grasses, on soft and gravel surfaces in amenity situations. "And it only needs to be applied once," says Dave Orchard from Bayer. "It's also a product that has a staggering 66 per cent less glyphosate content compared to other products which contain straight glyphosate and need Single treatment peace of mind Stewart, the British manufacturer and distributor of gardening products and technical moulding solutions, is investing in its manufacturing capability. The market-leading plastics business is spending £400,000 to install a Ferry RotoSpeed RS-3000 rotational moulding machine at its state-of-the art factory in Banbury. Stewart expects the machine to contribute to a 27 per cent increase in production across like for like manufacturing patterns within a year. Moreover, the machine will allow greater capacity to grow in the rotational moulding category, which today, is largely centred on decorative pot planters in the garden sector. Andy Burns, managing director at Stewart, says the upgrade is linked Major machinery investment unlocks production increase for Stewart to the company's commitment to improving manufacturing capacity, efficiency and speed. "The Ferry RotoSpeed RS-3000 will help us realise our growth potential and enhance our reputation for quality, timely and accurate production," he said. "Our analysis shows that the payback period for this investment will be relatively short. Due to the high performance and efficiency of this machine it will do more than three of the existing ones put together. So our productivity will be up considerably in comparison to our current capacity very soon." Stewart Garden has a range of grow your own products, pots, watering equipment, propagators and garden accessories that available in over 1,600 stockist across the UK and Eire. The company has also launched the 2016 Stewart Garden Schools Campaign. For the fourth year running, Stewart Garden is preparing to distribute grow your own gardening kits to over 100 primary schools across the county as part of the Stewart Garden Schools Campaign 2016. Participating schools across the UK will receive the kits, which will equip them to start growing their own fruit and vegetables. Almost 350 schools across the UK have participated in the Stewart Garden Schools Campaign since 2012. Stweart Garden Enquiry 1 two applications to be as effective. "Another benefit of using Pistol, is its long lasting systemic and residual mode of action which means that once it is applied it will continue its effectiveness by creating a barrier on the upper profile of the soil throughout the season, controlling any germinating weed seeds." Using only one application of Pistol, compared to the normal practice of two glyphosate applications, at eight week intervals, reduces the amount of glyphosate that is being applied and also saves time. Pistol will not settle in the tank which means it has a uniform consistency and there is less chance of blocked nozzles, making it easy to apply. A s a n a l l - i n - o n e herbicide, Pistol also offers reduced risk of spillage and a cost saving, as it does not need to have glyphosate added to it. Bayer Enquiry 3 0800 915 6720 AT £4,500* YOUR QUAD'S IN Big on performance, small on price, the new Polaris Sportsman 450 HO is in at your authorised Polaris dealer from £4,500*. See all the features of this full size capability ATV for yourself but hurry, this offer is for a limited period only. * Special price of £4,500 excludes VAT. Price to members of the NFU, NFUS and UFU including the special 5% discount to members is £4,275 excluding VAT. Offer ends 30th June 2016. Vehicle shown with accessories available at additional cost 5% special discount for NFU members Terms and Conditions apply. Please contact your authorised Polaris dealer for further details. The Gianni Ferrari PG Ride-on mower has undergone some ergonomic improvements to increase operator comfort. The upgrade includes a new electronic control unit with easy to read and water proof display, Iso-mounted footrest to minimise vibration to the operator and control panel and levers positioned for easy use. The workhorse is perfect for local authorities and contractors responsible for parks and public green areas where you can often find litter, dirt and grass clippings. Compact in size the 28hp 3 cylinder diesel engine powers the combined action of the front collection deck and Gianni Ferrari PG gets an upgrade the suction turbine to clean and collect in perfect unison. Other technical features which ensure smooth efficient operation include an ultra-efficient transmission system; the front axle consists of a differential assembly that connects two reduction gears in oil baths. An integrated collection system (suction turbine and collection hose are housed inside the traction unit) delivers trouble free, clean collection, with minimum fuss. Gianni Ferrari Enquiry 2

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