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Technical Information Bulletin Summer Disease Control in Almonds Benefits of Merivon ® Fungicide n Longer-lasting disease protection n More consistent performance for maximum crop potential n Advanced Plant Health benefits Merivon fungicide provides more consistent performance for maximum disease control and crop potential. Alternaria Leaf Spot Control with Merivon Fungicide Quadris Top ® 14 oz 38.2 Luna ® Sensation 5 oz 64.5 Inspire Super ® 20 oz 56.5 Luna ® Experience 6 oz 62.2 0 20 40 60 80 100 2012 J. Adaskaveg–University of CA–Riverside–Variety = Caramel Treatments applied on 5/22 and 6/13 in 100 GPA. Disease evaluations made on 8/15. For Alternaria disease incidence on leaves, 30-40 leaves from each of the three single–tree replications were evaluated for the presence of disease. Treatments are a subset of those evaluated in the trial which was sponsored by BASF and other product makers. Incidence on Leaves (%) 29.7 Merivon Fungicide 6.8 oz 85.9 100 Pristine ® Fungicide 14.5 oz Untreated

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