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Issue 39 / 2012 THE GUESTLIST NETWORK 11 7 FIN DAC Tab Taylor Hailing from Cork city, Ireland Fin has lived the ma- jority of his life in London. With a strong theme in Far East, its aesthetics and its culture have influenced his work and can been seen through his beautiful and stunning paintings. With his latest project 'Un- known Pleasure' hitting Hanbury Street in Brick Lane we got the lowdown with the street artist and artistic Director of urban/digital art brand Beautiful Crime. Where does your inspiration come from? A previously unhappy life. What does the DAC stand for in your name? Dragon Armoury Creative... It was the name of my online portfolio and the reason why, to this day, I sign my pieces with a dragon logo. Is there a theme in your work with using Asian women? Most definitely. My interest in the Far East, its aes- thetics and its culture has influenced my work more than anything else. Allowing that interest to bleed slowly into my work coincided with a huge surge in personal creativity and outside interest. Tell us about the website Beautiful Crime? Beautiful Crime was established in 2004 and was one of the first online galleries to sell street art originals from people like Adam Neate, Herakut and many more. They 60 SECONDS WITH A STREET ARTIST This urban aesthetics artist has defined a new street style that's spreading across the capital. quickly became a voice in street art culture, before moving into live art shows, experiential events and global brand collaborations... which is kind of where I came in. I started working with them on a very ad- hoc basis but that relationship built very quickly and culminated in me becoming Artistic Director for them. We have now expanded to become a wider art oasis, focusing on all that's new, experimental and cutting edge within the Urban, Digital & Interac- tive and Contemporary art scenes. What is the best thing about street art for you? It facilitates me living the kind of life that, deep down, I always wanted to but never thought I could or would. Without it there would have been no sal- vation for me. You work a lot on portraits and have recently painted in Hanbury Street in Brick Lane (A Plea- sure Unknown). Tell us the idea behind this? The idea was simply to make my imagery more icon- ic and edgier but without straying from the Asian influenced work that I am known for. The piece in Hanbury (A Pleasure Unknown) was the very first of this series and was a springboard to both a new vibe and a new way of working. For the full interview go to > Check out more art at

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