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18 FESTIVAL Issue 39 / 2012 Andrew | GLADE FESTIVAL 2012... We caught up with Anselm, the organiser of Glade Festival to talk about one of the coolest festivals in the UK Anselm, you've been Glade festival director since its inception at Glastonbury Festival. How do you think the festival has evolved since then and where do you see it going in the foreseeable future? We started it to put on a proper free rave thing and we did a stage at Glastonbury, which is still happening, which had breaks and techno and psy- trance and we wanted to do that in the English countryside. We've been growing for the past 4 years and we have had some problems with the authorities. We've now got a brilliant new venue in Norfolk where the land owner, the local authorities, the local community and everyone else have really welcomed us which is beautiful. We finally found a proper home for it. Our whole ethos is sponsorship free, underground alternative music, friendly, non- commercial, having-a-good-laugh festival. The sort of thing we want to see in this country. Many see Glade festival as being one of the world's leading electronic music festivals, hosting some of the biggest names in the scene, what do you think makes Glade so influential in the underground electronic music scene? and how does it differ from other mega-electronic festivals such Bloc Weekend or Parklife Weekender? We don't book people that we think are cash- cows, if you know what I mean, the whole point is that everyone who is involved with the festival does it because they love doing it from musicians right through to decor artists through to trainers to the crew and that really shines through. There are other festivals that have a similar ethos but one of the main things with Glade is that we're out in the nature, in the countryside. And we don't book massive names, we book people that we think are really wicked and cutting at the time. Its not about big headlines, its about all the colour in between and the participation, all the psy-art, the mad cap crazy ass stuff that happens. Its not just big sound systems and big names, there's a lot more to it. This year you are going to have a variety of new concept stages such as The Meteor, Liquid Stage, Remix Roller Disco, Bardcore and other? Tell us a bit about what we should be expecting to see in these new installments. What are they all about? Meteor Stage is gonna be like a spacecraft that has crash landed in the woods and all the bass is right beneath the dance floor so its going to be this crazy environment. That's in the woods. We have the Liquid stage which is gonna go on till 8 in the morning, a woodlands crazy trance party basically, like we used to have. The festival is still run by the same people, me and my partners, and they're ethos is all about participation and the servicing that goes with it and there's a lot of that going on as well. If you come to Glade, basically, you'll get this myriad of truly mind-blowing stuff happening, its really cool. Half the thing is about the environment. So the From what we saw, apart from the breathtaking line-up and insane music acts last year, you also put up an amazing light show, fireworks, fire, water, air, earth, mind, the works....are you going to follow that up again this year? What surprises should people be expecting this year other than the music? We've got a pyramid. Beta Pyramid. There's a dance floor inside the pyramid, DJ's and sound systems and then we burn it on Saturday night. Obviously everyone gets out! We go to Burning Man Festival in the US where you've got the whole burning thing there so we want to bring a bit of that pyrotechnic to the UK.

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