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Issue 39 / 2012 JOE LE GROOVE'S INTERVIEW HOUSE / TECHNO 31 7 JOSH WINK Ahead of his gig, London Ovum at Electric Brixton on June 16th the Ovum label boss is back from taking a hot minute out after recently becoming a father. With a busy year ahead, expect to see Josh smashing all the parties this summer. JOE LE GROOVE You have stood the test of time as electronic music has evolved, what do you feel has kept you where you are? I would probably say and over- whelming sense of integrity of the right things, not necessarily doing the quantity of things, but doing the quality things and it kinda helps to keep my integrity which would last for the longevity of where I am still today after all these years. You have already released a series of artist albums and mix compila- tions, have you got anything major in the pipeline? I'm just trying to figure that out as I became a father six months ago, i'm just trying to get my understanding with the time correct to make the op- portunities to get in the studio and be productive and creative again with making music regardless of releasing other peoples music on Ovum and travelling as a DJ. My creative flow is very high right now and my inten- tions and my inspirations due to be- ing someone who created a new life is very strong right now, i'm really looking forward to getting back and working on something in the studio on my own stuff and collaborations with other artists. With a such a major change occur- ring in your life and things changed, have you obviously stood back the last six months due to your new born son? I took four months off and only had two trips during that time to be home and be a present father with the mother and our son as a family, yeah you're right because things do change drastically when you have a child and for the better, life becomes deep in such a way I was never able to understand before, I had this visions of creating this grand opus piece through the inspiration of having a child but I haven't been able to write it yet (Laughs) If you had to sit in a room for 8 hours listening to the same instru- ment which one would you choose and why? It would probably be a 303 (laughs), would have to be some primi- tive Moog modular synth because there are a crazy number of possi- bilities of things to do and buttons to press. I dont know, its a good ques- tion. Ultimately it would be an Emu modular synthesizer because it's such an amazing piece of outboard gear, its huge! There is the Emu 25 or the ARP 2600 because of all the patch sockets, panels and quirky wir- ing. Over the years you have produced you have also produced under oth- er monikers, have you got anything coming thats will be you under an- other alias? I had some stuff that I put out in the past where I did release some tracks under another alias but and only one person other than me knows who it is. Nothing really new under a new alias, i haven't really done anything like that in a while, but i have new re- lease coming out on Ovum which is called Dirty Channels & Bugs which has a remix by Dave Pezzner, I liked Daves remix so much I did a remix of his remix entitled Wink Re-Think. That will be released after the next MANIK release. The quality of music is really flow- ing at the moment what producers are you feeling right now? It's hard because there are so many producers coming out right now, we are very fortunate to work with a lot of new and up and coming artist that we really believe in like MANIK and KINK. Square Pusher has a new al- bum out right now and Jeff Mills has a CD out, I try to listen to everything and anything, my son likes Roots Reggae culture and Soul so we tend to have that playing a lot in the Houses so I haven't really been able to listen to a lot of electronic music... (Laughs) What hot gigs have you got coming up that you want your fans to know about? 13 June Off Sonar party which is our 4th year of doing it. I have a gig in Philly with Loco Dice and co and then i'm doing a quick tour of Asia at the beginning of June, then i'm doing a big festival called the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas, which has a ca- pacity of 50,000. The week after that i'm doing the Sonar Festival and then i'm doing 3 dates in Europe. 14th I will be playing at and Ovum party at the Rex in Paris, the 15th I will be in Swit- zerland and then I have two dates on the 16th in Brixton, London. If you were banished to a desert is- land and you had to take 3 famous people dead or alive who would you take and why would you take them? Bob Marley, i'm really excited to see his new movie. He is the ultimate source of inspiration for me in his songs, demeanour and what he done to deal with oppression and the hard- ships he had to deal with his life and suffering, so he would provide great conversation, vibes and music. 2nd would be Sigmund Freud cause I know that I would have a lot of time to talk to someone and see what he would make of it. Finally I would take Josephine Baker, cause she would be lots of fun and beautiful to look at! I would need a woman and she would be a lot fun to be around a lot of the time. My woman is looking at me right now giving me the eyebrows thinking what the fuck did you just say? (Laughs) Don't blame it on me, blame it on beaver! Its a hypothetical question (Laughs) She agrees and thinks it's very inter- esting question, it's making her think who she's gonna bring! I hope I haven't put you in the dog house dude? No No, I think if anything it's turned her on I don't know! So baby number two is coming up? Haha, might be easier if i do some more of these interviews! Catch Josh play at Electric Brixton for the London Ovum event on June 16th with Josh Wink: Martin Buttrich Live: Gregor Tresher. JOE LE GROOVE'S TOP 10 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Dog Days Mia (Rodriguez Jr. Dub) - Gruuv Another Planet Stargazer - Planet Dust Elon 2Gether (Featuring Joe Le Groove) P.Lopez About You - Dogmatik Digital Another Planet All She Wants - Brake Horse Records Alex Neivel & DJ Schwa Le Clan - Large Gatchamen Watch You Looking At Devlin Ramereo Solar Flash - Brake Horse Records Tom Demac vs Silverclub Throat Trip - My Favorite Robot Records Sean Roman Moan (MANIK remix) - Feast Records @joelegroove

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