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BACKSTAGE WITH BAILEY Issue 39 / 2012 INNOVATION @ PROUD 2 Friday 4th May Check out our exclusive video review, featuring Phantasy, Bailey, Goldie and Rhymes. Lady V | So how have you found tonight? It was cool man, I played in room two so you play a few different flavours up there. Down here on the main dance floor you get the obvious big hitters tunes, so its nice to go in room two and do something a little bit different, it's what that rooms about. You're an Innovation regular...can we find you at Innovation this summer? I'm definitely there in the summer not sure what day ha ha. How do you think it differs from other club nights in London? For me its the history of it, I don't think that many people realise how far back Innovation goes, it goes way back to a club in the east called Paradise Club. Its been run for a very long time, it's changed hands a few times but it's one of the original raves, the others have kinda fallen by the wayside. A lot of people go out at the weekend and go for a quick rave at innovation and they think whatever, but the history in this thing is deep so it's kind of a backbone to a lot of music and for DJ'S as well. Check out the What's your backbone? What got you started in the whole thing? My real backbone if you wanna dig really deep is Motown, Stevie Wonder, I was brought up on all that sort of stuff What's your favourite Stevie Wonder song? Oh my gosh... I'll be a fool right now, I think. What more can we expect to see from you this year? Well there are things happening but I'm not really allowed to discuss them yet, it's too early to discuss them. I can't reveal such matters, however there is a lot of production in the pipeline, I'm doing remixes for Footprints, Zero- T's label, now that he's resurfaced, so there's gonna be a lot more from me out on plastic, and I'm teaming up with some big brands, I'm hoping to do a tour with them. But you can't tell us who? Yeah, the meetings haven't happened yet, I just wanna make sure that there solid deals, don't want to take the lid off that yet. DRUM N BASS / DUBSTEP 41 7

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