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6 THE GUESTLIST NETWORK Issue 39 / 2012 TWITTER TWATTER Who's been saying what online this month? We name, fame and shame celebs mouthing off in cyberspace. You are what you tweet. @serenawilliams "Stay busy. Don't think." Who never thought to unplug his brain? @KourtneyKardash "Deep breath. Been struggling a little with claus- trophobia...any other preggos feel that way too?" Don't worry, this proves that you are still a human being ;-) @FUNKYDEE1 "Everytime I close my eyes I wake up feelin so hornyyy" Who doesn't? ;-) @MLKQuotations "Those who do not move, do not notice their chains. ~Rosa Luxemburg" Who knew that... It explains a lot : when you can't wake up in the morning and you don't move, that means you 're enchained to your own bed! @Diggydash "UK's biggest female bodybuilder reveals why she's still single after nine years" Maybe, when you've got "the perfect body" it's just too hard to find someone your equal in "per- fection". @kahlimist "Bad times for gays in Russia... good luck guys! We a fucked up little planet, tell y'that for free. #ThankFuckForJungleMusic" Yeah scream it! Be free! Have fun and just enjoy who you are and what you wanna do. Well try and be free, but Russian "Democracy" might hold you back a lil' bit. @JackSpectraSoul "I need a more explicit expletive to describe Noel Edmonds. None of the existing words quite cover it. Annoying little leprechaun twat" Well if it makes you feel any better he recently felt so hurt by a Facebook group entitled "some- body please kill Noel Edmonds" he tracked the individual down and asked him to remove it. @RodneyHazard "the weeknd show sold out in less than ten mins… cot…damn" Yes, sadly that's true, but you know what? The parties are never over even during the week! @Dubphizix Sorry for being an ignorant twat on here. I've lost my phone. The answer to all your questions is 'yes' So free ticekts to up and coming Dub Phizix nights for all TGN readers? THE END OF TIME World Music Festival FOLLOW US ON TWITTER! @guestlistdotnet THIS FESTIVAL has really got the world's end wrapped up with a bang: one day of parties, at vari- ous locations spanning the globe on 21st December for, as they put it, 'The largest synchronised event in human history' to 'take the event attendees and televi- sion or online viewers to places never before ventured'. 27 hours of the biggest names in music and entertainment, broadcasted live for the whole world to see. Loca- tions and artists to be announced soon, so watch this space... FUSE IBIZA May and June dates announced LONDON'S BIGGEST SUNDAY PARTY has announced its Ibiza dates and given us all something to look forward to. Fuse is coming back once again, with some big line ups for both May and June. May 29th sees Fuse regulars Enzo Siragusa, Alex Arnout, Seb Zito and Rich Nxt setting the classic Fuse sound for a party all night at the famous Sankeys Ibiza venue. With the classic Fuse crowd in full force, you know this is not gonna be one to miss. We're already dreaming of Ibiza sunshine and parties! Yasiin Bey aka Mos Def performing at HMV Forum on Saturday 26th May @ HMV Forum MOS DEF, who has recently changed his name to Yasiin Bey, will be returning to the UK after his Black Star gig with Talib Kweli last summer. Playing at HMV Forum, he will be performing tracks from his 13 year career in hip hop. No doubt we will hear classics such as 'Miss Booty', 'Umi Says', tracks off the Reflection Eternal album and of course the Black Star album. This is going to be a very special night, so we highly recommend that you check this one out! RAM RECORDS PARTY AT FABRIC Andy C, MJ Cole and Ulte- rior Motive are headlining the three rooms at fabric (http://www.fabriclondon. com/club/listing/571), with many (Mensah, Loadstar) on Sat- urday the 8th of June. It's a RAM records party which has the potential to turn into a mad DnB rave. more big names DJ W!LD AT THE SOURCE BAR The speakers in the Source Bar will be oozing wet women's juices on Satur- day the 26th of May, when the French DJ W!LD plays in London. He has just released a new album - D!rty release/d!rty/904664a) and the vibe is right for a night of proper electronic music. DJ W!LD is a Circo Loco and Cocoon resident, a world class DJ, to state the obvious. ( MOS DEF-INITELY COMING TO TOWN

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