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WWW.POTATOGROWER.COM 15 • Variable rate fumigation for nematodes and diseases • Variable rate fertilization • Soils • Nematodes • DNA • Consulting • GAP • All viruses • Tissue • Irrigation Scheduling www.westernlaboratories.com 800-658-3858 WESTERN LABORATORIES 140539WesLab16h.indd 1 5/30/14 11:35 AM INTRODUCING The NAChURS ® hIGh YIeLD POTATO PROGRAM We've been providing potato growers premium liquid starter and foliar nutrients since 1946. Learn about our latest technologies designed for innovative potato growers seeking greater plant productivity and higher yields. Contact us today to learn about the latest technologies NACHURS ® has to offer for your potato crop. visit us online: w w w . n a c h u r s . c o m / p o t a t o e s or call: 800.622.4877 x 255 ® ® ® 157634NacAlp12v.indd 1 3/24/16 8:27 AM PARASITIC WASPS These tiny wasp species, known as parasitoids, are great performers against crop pests because they are specific to certain hosts, often laying eggs inside a host insect or egg. Wasps' specific hosts include caterpillars, butterfly/moth eggs or pupae, or beetle eggs/larvae/pupae. This specificity of hosts allows growers to make sure they have the right parasitoid present when the hosts show up. GREEN LACEWING These long, thin insects can be identified by their yellow-green coloring, long antennae and reddish eyes. Larvae feed on many soft-bodied pests such as spider mites, aphids, leafhoppers and thrips. leafhoppers and thrips.

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