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2 0 1 6 M A Y P R I N T W E A R || 21 ting worse. It was just one of those jobs. Ultimately, we were able to satisfy the client, but not without tremendous pain. So why review this nightmare from a decade ago? Fast forward to today, and this year's StarFest Con is special, as 2016 marks the franchise's 50th year. That's right, 50 years of Star Trek and Captain Kirk. After many years of this and other sci-fi subject matters, all of which had their own challenges, we were well pre- pared to take on this year's supersized challenge. To start, we would control the project from the get go. We created the design from scratch and built this year's beauty in Photoshop. We did everything at a high 300 dpi resolution to size, build- ing in channels as we went along so our separations would reflect those channels. We would output from Illustrator after placing the file onto our template. Half- tone frequency was at 55 lpi at a 22.5-de- gree angle to the CTS (Computer-to- Screen) with onboard LED exposure. All told, it was 10 screens total. Print order on images like these is criti- cal. We generally set darker colors down first, followed by mid-tones, and then lighter colors; most coverage to least. We compensated for the ink buildup on the back of the subsequent screens before out- put. Understanding image loss and gain in your own shop needs to be done through testing and experience. The ink's color choices are important in images such as these as well. Careful attention to match- ing colors was made. Because of the considerable detail, the screens were all N272 to N300 tpi except for the white printer or under-base. To hold some of the finer detail parts of the image, we chose an N205. All were at our high tension 45 N/cm to ensure next to perfect registration using the registration system. This gave us more time to dial in Computer-to-Screen for Any Budget • Excellent Density • Eliminates Film • Accurate Registration ∠ 匀琀爀攀愀洀氀椀渀攀猀 䔀昀ǻ挀椀攀渀挀礀 • Improves Quality EXILE Technologies now offers two options in CTS technology. 吀栀攀 匀瀀礀搀攀爀 䤀䤀 猀礀猀琀攀洀 椀猀 漀甀爀 ˻愀最猀栀椀瀀 瀀爀椀渀琀攀爀 瀀爀漀瘀椀搀椀渀最 栀椀最栀  猀瀀攀攀搀 愀渀搀 栀椀最栀 焀甀愀氀椀琀礀Ⰰ 眀栀椀氀攀 琀栀攀 愀氀氀 渀攀眀 䘀爀攀攀匀琀礀氀攀爀 䠀礀戀爀椀搀  搀攀氀椀瘀攀爀猀 焀甀愀氀椀琀礀 眀椀琀栀 愀 瀀爀椀挀攀 琀愀最 琀栀愀琀 礀漀甀 樀甀猀琀 挀愀渀ᤠ琀 愀昀昀漀爀搀 琀漀 猀愀礀  渀漀 琀漀⸀ 吀栀攀 䘀爀攀攀匀琀礀氀攀爀 愀氀猀漀 搀漀甀戀氀攀猀 愀猀 愀 䐀吀䜀 瀀爀椀渀琀攀爀℀ 䨀甀猀琀 瀀甀琀 椀渀  挀漀氀漀爀 椀渀欀 挀愀爀琀爀椀搀最攀猀 愀渀搀 礀漀甀 栀愀瘀攀 挀漀渀瘀攀爀琀攀搀 琀栀攀 猀礀猀琀攀洀 琀漀  搀椀爀攀挀琀氀礀 瀀爀椀渀琀 漀渀 昀愀戀爀椀挀⸀ 1/3 THE COST of other CTS SYSTEMS!! CTS & DTG with one PRINTER!!

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